Air conditioner LG vs Samsung

LG and Samsung are the top two consumer electronics brands in India since a long time and have been able to penetrate to all types of customers from big metro cities to small cities and towns.

Both home electronics giants have launched many air conditioner models in Indian consumer market and launch new models from time to time to make an edge over the other. Consumers are often faced with the dilemma of which air conditioner to buy as both offers all types of air conditioners to suite everyone’s requirements. In this article we compare the Samsung air conditioners with LG air conditioners and figure out which one is better than the other.

Samsung launched 25 new models of ACs and this summer and LG is not far behind. Both are targeting 30% share in Indian Market.

Market share in consumer durables

LG has a market share of 27 % and is ahead of Samsung which is at 19% only

Service network of LG and Samsung

LG has the widest distribution network across the country and has 70 remote-area offices, which are extensions of the branch office, 40 branches and eight regional offices all over the country.

Samsung is present in all towns and cities above population of 50,000

Steps to choose the air conditioner LG or Samsung

  • Identify your requirements
  • First identify your requirements. If confused between split and window AC refer section on which AC to choose split or window
  • Find the ac tonnage requirements. Refer AC ton calculation section if confused
  • After type and capacity is identified check all models of LG and Samsung which fit in this.
  • Go for higher BEE star rated AC’s if possible and opt for 5 star AC’s if possible
  • Check if after sales service centre is present in your area. Give more weight age to that which is locally present.
  • Do price comparison along with  features and buy the one which is the cheapest and feature rich among the two
  • If none of them is suitable and you do not mind spending a bit more on quality go for Hitachi or Carrier AC’s

The quality of the product is more or less the same of LG and Samsung as both are manufactured using modern manufacturing techniques.

Our recommendations is LG air conditioner as compared to Samsung as

  • LG in more dominant in refrigeration market than Samsung
  • More people buy LG air conditioner than Samsung in India
  • LG has more star rated models and is more innovative than Samsung
  • LG service network is more than that of Samsung


Go for higher BEE star ratings, service availability in your area and last for price of the air conditioner as you will pay a higher price in the long run if you buy 1-2 star rated AC than 4-5 star rated AC

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