Air conditioner star ratings in India

Star rating is a system initiated by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) India to determine the energy efficiency of an electronic product for home use like window and split air-conditioners.

Depending on their energy efficiency they are rated on a scale of 1 – 5 and indicated by starts for easy understanding.  Higher the number of stars, better is the energy efficiency of an air conditioner.

AC Star rating Calculation

The energy efficiency of an AC depends on two factors: Cooling capacity (in BTU) and Power consumption (in Watts)

The cooling capacity of one ton AC should be 12000 BTU, 1.5 ton AC 18000 BTU. Some companies rate their air conditioners as 1 ton but actually their cooling capacity is less than 12000 BTU. SO the BEE has brought into force star rating system so that the manufacturers cannot misguide the consumers

What to check befor buying air conditioner

While buying air conditioner check the following on the specifications: Cooling capacity in BTU, power consumed in Watts and star rating if available.

Star rating is based upon the EER of an AC. EER is cooling capacity divided by power consumed. To calculate EER in watts BTU needs to be converted into watts. 12000 BTU is equal to 3517 watts or 1BTU = 0.2937 Watts or one ton = 3517 watts

While it is important to choose an AC with higher star rating, it is equally important not to compromise on the cooling capacity, which is the primary function of an AC.

BEE air conditioner Star Ratings

The star rating parameters EER shall be obtained from following tables depending on the year of manufacturing/import/assembling of an air conditioner

Air conditioner Manufactured / Imported / Assembled From 07 January 2010 to 31 December 2011

Star Rating Min Max
1 Star * 2.30 2.49
2 Star ** 2.50 2.69
3 Star *** 2.70 2.89
4 Star **** 2.90 3.09
5 Star ***** 3.10 5

Air conditioner Manufactured / Imported / Assembled From 01 January 2012 to 31 December 2013

Star Rating Min Max
1 Star * 2.50 2.69
2 Star ** 2.70 2.89
3 Star *** 2.90 3.09
4 Star **** 3.10 3.29
5 Star ***** 3.30

Air conditioner Manufactured / Imported / Assembled From From 01 January 2014 to 31 December 2015

Star Rating Min Max
1 Star * 2.70 2.89
2 Star ** 2.90 3.09
3 Star *** 3.10 3.29
4 Star **** 3.30 3.49
5 Star ***** 3.50

36 comments to Air conditioner star ratings

  • Vaibhav

    if my usage is nearly 4-5 hours in a day how much difference does it makes between in 1 star and 2 star rating

    • sanjay

      the difference between every star is aproximately 50 watts 1 star & 2 star in 1 ton is 1300 watts & 1250 watts 5 star rated airconditioner comes with watt 1050 so every star you add you save 40 watts including cutt off time of compressor approximately 30 percent . however ac is the most power consuming appliances so 5 hr use can save u approximately 200 watts in residencial use and can bill you 1250 multiply by 5 hrs 6250 watts 6.25 units per hour multiply by your power rates

      • what about the 3star, recentely i have purchased 1t and 1.5t of blue star ac, what will be approx. bill if i used 3hrs in afternoon and 3hrs in nigt, for both the ac.i will be very much thankful if you will provide me this information.thank you

    • Anonymous_srt

      Cost depends on the power watt of your AC. It has nothing to do with your Star Rating. Higher Star Rating gives you more cooling for same consumption of electricity.

      If your AC is 1000 power watt, and you run it for 4 hours, total unit consumption is 1000watt*4hours/1000 = 4 unit.

      Look at the manual of AC to see its Power Watt.

  • sandeep

    what is min. and max.of star rating in this table?

  • john

    if my room size is 14×9 including furniture and my usage will be 8 to 10 hours which Ac should i prefer with cooling, energy consumption,quality, price and service after sales.

  • suresh pachat

    please mail the energy consumption for 1 star,2 star 3 star, 4 star and 5 star 1 ton split AC per month

  • mukesh panchal

    please mail the energy consumption for 3 star, and 5 star 1.5 ton split AC per month
    daily used 8 hours

  • n k marwari

    Please let me know the wattage of 1.5 ton & 1.0 ton split AC with 5-star rating of Energy efficiency Bureau

  • P C Roy

    @Sandip, the numbers in columns min. & max. in star rating table have been arrived at by dividing cooling capacity in Watt by power consumption. For example: If cooling capacity of an AC is 12000 BTU, then in Watt it is 3517. Divide it by power consumption, say 1200W. The BEE would be: 3517 / 1200 = 2.93. That is 4 star. If the Company says the AC is 1 Ton, but actually cooling capacity is less than 12000 BTU, then star rating accordingly would fall.

  • sivakumar

    i want to take pansonic 1.25 cube ac my room is 10*10 so is it give good cooling

    iwant to use 6 hours per day

    power consumption because2 stars

    • Deepak

      Hi Sivakumar, the AC is good & a ver economical unit. It has already completed one successful year after it was launched yeast year. I would suggest you should look into this machine only if you feel the unit required by you is just for keeping you cool. The machine is fantastic on cooling but energy consumption is higher. @ Rs. 15,000/- you would get a window AC which would be noisy but this is split AC with less notice.

      Choice is hours now….

  • Nameet

    Hi, I read ur article and it was helpful. However i was comparing Split AC on compare india and it shows a different measure of the EER..for example Hitachi RAU010HPD shows EER of 11.37 and its a 0.9T where as Daikin – FT35G which is a 1T has shows on its website as capacity KW 3.70 and BTU/h as 12.700. I dont know how to level these 2 models and compare them on the same pedestal. Could you please help as im trying to decide amongst my fav brands which are Daikin, Mitsubishi, Hitachi and O’General. Have a budget of around 25-26k

  • Sreeram

    please mail the energy consumption for 1 star,2 star 3 star, 4 star and 5 star 1 ton split AC per month for 8 hours use in a day

  • Sudhakar

    Pl. suggest me on choosing the best 5 star rated air conditioner with most advanced and good after sales service even at interior rural areas.

  • Sriusav

    Thank you..
    Good Information.

  • pawan kumar garg

    please mail the energy consumption for 1 star,2 star 3 star, 4 star and 5 star 1 ton window AC per hour

    • raghunath

      energy used up by 1 star M/c 1407 watts
      2 star M/c 1303 watts
      3 star M/c 1213 watts
      4 star M/c 1135 watts
      5 star M/c 1066 watts for 1 ton M/cs

      energy consumed = 3517/star rating ratio

  • Dilip Nikam

    Will star rating having any impact if my ac consumption is not more than 4 hour in a day…?

    As per the shop owner saying, 5 star rating will work for them who are using ac more than 8 hours in a day. Is this is true….?

  • shantanu

    hi. i hav 1.5 tonn a.c 4star… my meter shows 2 units per hour consumption wen i turn on the ac for an hour.. is it normal rating of a.c or is there some problem.. plz reply.

  • mukesh

    i want to buy a window ac 1.5 tons suggest me with 3 * and 5* rating of best company. iam living in gurgaon

  • Ravi Panjwani

    Want to go for a good ac for a 10 x 10 room please suugest me a good one for night usage only and only during summer months. Would Like an Auto ac rather which can save bill. And What additional bill i may get for this usage ??

  • abhshek

    what is a difference between 3 star and 5 star split ac

    • living advisor

      5 star AC is more energy efficient than 3 star. The rating has been introduced to make the buyers aware how efficient the electric appliance is. 1 star rated AC is least efficient and 5 star is the best efficient. The criteria is revised every year so that new technology is evolved to make the product rated 5 star year on year.

  • umasankar

    thanks for publish the calculation i checked it also the result shall be more or less same.

  • Anand

    As a rule of thumb

    1. If you choose a window ac, You dont need to install the huge box inside the room, However they do make more noise say in the region of 10 db than splits
    2. Window acs if properly installed only need a filter washing and a vaccum , say once a year to keep running fine, Also they will cost very less on maintainence, and if repaired they cost only very little compared to a split
    3. If you are replacing your window unit with a split to show off to your neighbours, always choose a higher rating, Splits need more power than window units to cool the same area,
    4. Split AC can work well at the most two or three years without refilling and major service, They loose cool easily, If you live in Flats etc, always see that your external unit of split is not in reach of neighbours children,if installed on terrace etc, you are actually causing disturbance to kids playing on terrace etc too. You are responsible for damage to others including shock, or injury to anyone because of your external unit installed on parapets, which is common nowadays, You may be liable to pay lakhs as compensation if a kid accidentaly puts a finger etc inside your external unit. So install them safely, Window units were always installed on windows and walls on sides of buildings so there was no chance of those mishaps.

    5. Split units can drip water in your room if not given timely service, mostly they are due to blocked drain pipes or silly things like that, Make sure the indoor unit is installed safe and strong, They can actually fall on your head, if a screw comes loose.

    6.Same to same room size will require a larger capacity split than window unit.IN a window unit the refrigerant need not travel between the two units as in splits, The further your indoor unit is from outdoor one the less efficient they are. Also remember a window unit does not intrude your space in your room, as they are usually mounted flush in your window/wall.

    7. The dealers and vendor always tell you split is better, since they prefer to sell more costly stuff and therefore more margins,
    8. IN US the ACs they sell usually are having an EER of above 10, remember that, Also see what refrigerant they use in Acs, Since the old refrigerants are no more produced or is restricted, They can cost a fortune when a top up is requires

  • lubna

    I purchased a 2nd hand Window 1.5 ton last week from the 1st 2 days its thermostat works 90 mints continue and stop 20 mints (fan run) after 20 mints then run thermostat i run it 8 hours doing same thing i adjusted thermostat at 6 and run high cool. after 2 day it came on 60 to 30 mints run thermostat continue then stop 15 to 20 mints then run. after 2 hours it goes on 10 mints and in after few hours its plug switch tripe… please give me suggestion and solve my problem i thing more its thermostat rod very old. please solve my problem i will be very thank full to you.

  • S.C. Katyal

    I have two window AC (national-Japan) of 1.5 ton capacity which I want to replace since they are more than twenty years old. I want to have the best available in market. So please advise as to which brand I should buy.

  • murali

    I have blue star split ac 1.5 ton and 5 star, 5 years old. it is consuming nearly 2.8 units per room has no false ceiling ans wall care. is this power consumption is normal or any complaint?

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