What is air conditioner ton

Ton as the name suggests is equivalent to 1000 kg. How is this related to air conditioner? Actually room air conditioners were derived from the technology used to refrigerate ice or to convert water to ice in earlier times. To relate ice and cooling capacity a formula is derived which says the amount of energy required per hour to make one ton of ice in twenty-four hours.

This comes out to be 12000 BTU (British thermal units).

So one ton is equal to 12000 BTU.

Cooling capacity of an air conditioner is measured in tons so one ton AC provides 12000 BTU in one hour.

How much ton AC is suitable for your room

The cooling of a room also depends on other factors other than ton like, insulation, number of windows, sunlight, heat producing appliances in the room like TV, computer etc.

A simple calculation is as follows

Multiply the length, breadth and height of the room (take units as feet). Then divide this by 1000 to get the ton capacity

Example if the room’s size is 10 feet by 10 feet by 10 feet

So 10 X 10 X 10 comes out to 1000, divide this by 1000 the answer comes to 1. So your as tonnage requirement is one ton

Another example room size 12 feet by 12 feet by 9 feet. The multiplication comes out to be 1290. Dividing this by 1000 leads to 1.2. so tonnage requirement is 1.2 ton. If there is direct sunlight in the room and  /or the air conditioner is exposed to sun, or you stay on the top floor where roof heats up, go for 1.5 tom AC otherwise go for 1 ton AC as air conditioners are available in 0.75 ton. 1 ton and 2 ton and above capacity only

Air condition Ton requirement calculator / Chart for room
S no Length* Breadth* Height* Total L*B*H Ton required
1 9 9 9 729 0.75
2 9 9 10 810 0.75
3 10 10 9 900 0.75-1
4 10 10 10 1000 1
5 11 11 9 1089 1
6 11 11 10 1210 1-1.5
7 12 12 9 1296 1-1.5
8 12 12 10 1440 1.5
9 13 13 10 1690 1.5
10 14 14 10 1960 1.5-2
11 15 15 10 2250 2

* In feet, one feet is equal to 12 inches or 30.48 centimeters, 0.32 meters

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  • Neha

    what is 1 ton ac power consumption

  • Neha

    what is 1.5 ton AC power consumption

    • living advisor

      1.5 ton AC should consume between 1700 watts to 1800 watts. This translates into 1.8 units per hour. If unit rate is Rs 5 it will cost Rs 9 per hour to run the AC.
      If you keep the thermostat setting above 24 degrees you will save more electricity as the compressor will switch off more often as you increase the temperature and in the compressor switched off mode the AC will consune only 180 to 250 Watts to run the fan motor only.
      A high rated 5 star AC will consume less power and low end 1 star ac will consume more power. But in window AC you will get BEE star rating upto 3 stars only


      1.5 ton ac consuption 1800 Watts per hour and 1 ton 1400 Watts per hour

  • madhukar

    what is the power unit consumption (Rs 5 per unit) of 1.5 ton 5 start LG AC with the thermostat setting 26 degree?

  • living advisor

    Power consumption depends upon the time the compressor of the AC is on. This depends on various factors like: room size, outdoor temperature, room insulation, no of people in the room and heat producing gadgets in the room like TV and lastly the thermostat settings.
    For every degree increase in thermostat setting you save upto 5% energy. 26 degree is a good setting. Always use ceiling fan along with the AC as you feel cooler even at highet temperature settings.

    straight answer to your question

    The time compressor is on it will consume about 1.7 units an hour that comes to RS 8.50 an hour. When compressor is off and only AC fan is running it will consume about 0.2 units an hour that translates to Rs 1 an hour. If your compressor is on for 50% of the time and you run the AC for 8 hours at night the power conumption will be 7.6 units or Rs 38 per night

    • Melroy

      What is the power consumption of a 3 star 1.5 ton window ac in comparision to a 5 star 1.5 ton ac.assuming the ac is left on for 8 hrs a day at 26 degree temprature ,what will be the montly bill for the same?



  • Y K

    Dear Advisor,

    My bedroom is 15*15*10,Since room is on first floor, suggest me I sholud go for window ac or split ac

    According to the above calculation minimum tonnage req is 2.0 ton, but it will consume more electricity

    so could you suggest me which company’s 1.5 ton ac will efficiently work in my that room?

    • living advisor

      2 ton ac will consume more power that is OK but it will switch off when the room becomes cooler. The 1.5 ton AC will have to work more hard to do so and it may not switch off and run continously which may damage it. The power consumption will be the same. If you keep the room temperature above 25 degree celcius then only 1.5 tom AC will be beneficial to some extent. 2 Ton ac is suggested as it will switch off when the set temperature is reached


      Y.K- 1.2 Ton is more than sufficent for your room. I suggest you go for 5 star rated a/c. This way you make little more investment upfront, that will however save you electricity bills over the life of your A/c. according to one study, 5 Star rated a/c will save around Rs. 10,000 in 5 yrs. Based on my research Hitachi a/c are the best, in terms of technology and efficency.

  • Gundeep

    What is the power consumption of the compressor of,say 1 ton AC in terms of % of the total power consumed by the AC unit.

  • Dinesh Sood

    what is 0.75 ton LG Window ac power consumption in 8 Hours and how much units it will consume ?

  • Dinesh Sood

    what is 0.75 ton Window AC power consumption with 1 star rating ?

  • amar

    My office is 9.5*14.5*9,Since room is on first floor, sun light direct entered
    &five computers suggest me I sholud go for split ac

    According to the above calculation minimum tonnage req is 1.5 ton, but it will consume more electricity

    so could you suggest me which company’s 1 ton ac will efficiently work in my that room? & what is the power unit consumption (Rs 6.5 per unit) of 1.5 ton 5 start voltas AC with the thermostat setting 25 degree?

    • living advisor

      Go for 2 ton ac. The five computers wil generate heat so the five people using it. The more the people and heat generating equipment in the room the more the requirement of air conditioner. Do not go go for 1 ton AC as it will not be able to meet your requirements. Minimum 1.5 ton AC is required

  • BEN

    I want you people to help me and Design , schetch the Diagram, give Analysis and give the over all Calculations of a Room with 12*12*9″ height. The type of Air Conditioning system that can be suitable for the room.

    • living advisor

      Do not go for too much calculations. Make life simple. Go for 1.5 or 2 ton AC. split or window is your choice

        12*12*9 =1296 DEVIDED BY 1000 = 1.29 TON ANSWER

  • Shrey

    How much power does the a 1 ton and 1.5 ton AC consume at the time of start up. I have heard that it takes double the power to start, is it true?

    • living advisor

      Yes it is true that AC takes double the power to Start. So it is advised to switch on the airconditioners one by one if you have more than one AC in your house. Most air conditioners now come with a random timer to switch on to facilitate this.

    • hanu badla

      My room’s size is 10.5x12x10 No direct sunlight comes and situated in ground floor back side. all side covered by three story house. How much ton split ac required for this room.

  • vijay

    my room size is 12*12*9 and i want to purchase 1 ton ac of national panasonic 4star split ac is it sufficiant capacity for my room and what about panosonic review

    • living advisor

      Panasonic is a very good AC. Air conditioning depends upon many factors like, outdoor temperature, room insulation, number of doors and windows and the like. 1.5 ton AC is suggested for 12*12*9 room.

  • sachin

    1ton ac how much kw

  • Mohd Zahid

    1 Ton ac’s consume about 1300 watts which is 1.3 units per hour. if your ac runs for 10 hours a day with compressor running 70% of the total runtime then it would run for 7hrs. Now consider the billing per unit say INR 5.0 then the total cost would be 7*1.3*5 = INR 45.5/day (in energy saver mode). For a month it would be 45.5*30 = INR 1365/month.

  • manish sharma

    my room size is 10*11*10. suggest me the ac.how much expenses on power

  • dhiraj

    my room size is 9*10*9. will 0.8 ton AC enough?? there are two big wardrobes in the room,so the floor space is even less. will it be more energy efficient than using a 1 ton for the same room?? is panasonic a good ac brand??

  • K V V A Sarma

    What is difference of consumption of 3 star and 5 star split ac

  • Nazmul

    my room size is 144 sq feet. and the per unit cost is 3.46,
    what size of AC i need to buy??

    suppose, I have an 1 ton split type AC & i m alone in my room, the AC temp is 25 degree & running from the 1 hours, then how much Electricity (units) will be used by this AC??

    what what is the total cost for that 1 hours?

    plz give the correct calculations.

  • Anand

    Almost all reply posted above are technically wrong:

    1 Ton AC current consumption 6 amp. Voltage 220 V the power consumption is VI 220*6= 1320 watts i.e. 1.32 units per hour

    1.5 Ton Ac current consumption 10 amp. Voltage 220V the power consumption is VI 220*10=2200 watts i.e. 2.2 units per hour

  • Pravin

    What will be unit consuption of 3 ton AC if that works for 8 hours

  • ranjandeep singh

    i want best and cheapest split ac for my room length 12 feet breadth 15 feet hight 11 feet pls suggest the best / cheapest split ac with 5 star rating and i want to know how much difference of electricity consumption between 3 star and 5 star split

  • Deep

    Sir, simply i want to know how much 1.5 & 2.0 ton ac consume electricity in one hour, if per unit rate is 3.50 than how much it cost us.

  • what is Voltas Window 1.5 ton ac with 2 star power consumption.

  • dogendra

    what is the power consumption per hour (per hour unit consumption)of 1T airconditioning system (centralised)for voltas & blue star make ?

    • living advisor

      The consumption will be around 1.3 units per hour if the ac compressor is on all the time. The compressor switches on and off depending on outside and inside temperature and its settings, so actual consumption will be less.


    can u suggest me in between Panasonic CS-ZC20MKY-1 Split AC and Samsung AS18NB 1.5 Ton Split AC
    which one is best and economical too as per power consumption

    • living advisor

      Panasonic is certainly the best but it is more costly than Samsung, but with passage of time time you will benefit with better power consumption.

  • vikas verma

    please tell me the brand and modle name of window and split (1.5 ton) AC with cheapest power comsumption.

  • ganesh singh

    please help me out to chose window ac 1 tone or 1.5 tone for folowing specfiactaion

    Room Size 10*10*9
    top floor 4th & sun facing
    mostley used in night only

  • Sumanta

    Dear All,

    My bedroom is 14*12*11,Since room is on first floor, suggest me I sholud go for 1.5 ton split ac or 1.5 ton window ac?

    could you suggest me Samsung 1.5 ton ac will efficiently work in my that room?

    • living advisor

      Go for split AC if you have your own house not rented accommodation as it is difficult to install and remove. Yes Samsung .5 ton ac will efficiently work in that room.

  • pankaj

    plz suggest me which ac is more cooling effect window or split. or both are same.

  • Sumit

    Hi, my room size is 12x10x10. The room has a LCD TV and a iron almirah, apart from a standard double bed, and faces the sun for about 3-4 hours. I am planning to buy O General 1.14 ton window AC (AMG 13G) for this room. Can you please suggest if this would be Ok to cool the room. We do not require the room to be freezing cold. Would it be ok to go in for this AC, or should we opt for a standard 1.5 ton window AC.
    Would be grateful if the reply is posted ASAP.

    Thanks in advance.

  • balwan

    Electricity Consumption per day AC 1.5

  • Manoj Srivastava

    What tonnage of split a.c. is required for a room size 24*12*10? Suggest also company name having best star rating and what will be its consumption per hour.

  • balaji

    sir,voltas vertis plus(5 star) What will be unit consuption of that works for 8 hours,and will be unit consuption of that works for 1 hour.

  • Naeem Bhatti

    Aslam O alacum.

    Have a nice day. i have a room measuring 16*9*10, please tell me what tonnage of split a.c. is required for my room. I want to purchase the ac of Mitsubishi company however please Suggest the best company name.

  • ashwani

    What tonnage of split a.c. is required for a room size 10*14*11

    as soon as possible

  • vijayakumar

    Sir, I am having office at 2nd floor of 12x9x9 feet. Can you suggest which ac will be good – window or split. Already window opening is there. I feel very hot because of computers and photocopier machines. Please suggest.

  • navi

    same equipement how can be made 5 star and 3 star, What thing make difference?

  • Chandrakant

    which is the best split ac in india?

  • manideo

    my room is on 1st floor facing directly sun.size is 12*12*20,but i wants to do room partition for using 1.5 tonne AC.which one is best 1.5 ton AC 5 star. what is its per hrs unit consumuption.

  • sumeet gupta

    Is there any split AC which can cool the atmosphere atleast 10-12 degree centigrade. if it is available then provide me the details of the AC.it would be more grateful if you mail me the details as soon as possible.

  • khan

    Thanks for sharing ac unit consumption but i also want to know the confirmation of that if i start 1 ton split it drops 2 to 3 units. is it true

  • khan

    sumeet gupta yes its available but its cost is very high. The name of that ac is chiller. Its use in shopping malls & hospital (central ac), univeristies. it will down your room temprature upto 12 to 15 cen. if you want to more down your room temprature means zero or – centri please shift your room in deep freezeer.

  • Shaikh

    Pls let me know that, Can split a/c capable to pump cool air from a outside space which is 27 or 30 meters away to interior.


      It is depending upon the capacity of AC, like more capacity above 5.0 ton is possible for cooling 85 to 95% from its actual capacity its maintain to calculated by chenged the dia of suction & discharge pipe of the connecting unit and some top up of refrigerant gas 35 gram per ton above 35 ft but its opposite under 5.0 tr is not efficient to represent actual cooling cause compressor has not able to pump properly because absent of compressor oil in crankcase during when unit is running all oil moved in copper pipe with refrigerant so compressor head is too hot & system is function abnormal its create very high in summer time so it is first desided to choose the efficient capacity of AC.

  • Srinivas S

    Today i have bought Panasonic inverter model 1.5ton Split A.C,my room sizes are 11’6? X 11’6? X 8’6?(H).The Pansonic person has sad that it will be up to 40% efficient even than a 5* rated A.C,is it true and what would be your review on inverter model A.C’s.

  • Hey guys. Am in a bit confusion .. My room size is 15 x 12 x 12 (wxlxh). in which i`ve cupboards of 2 feets. which leave the room size to 15 x 10 x 10..

    Am planning to get 1 ton ac for my room… is it enough?

  • Esaver

    Hi, I was wondering if you might help me with a small problem. How can I calculate the energy (kWh) saved by increasing the thermostat setting from 20C to 23C on a 12,000 Btu/h split type a/c unit. The unit is servicing a 10′ x 4′ server room with 15 desktop computers.

  • abdul kadir

    i hv Hitachi .9 ton ac which is 5 star rated,
    my room opens to a drawing room which is double the size of my bed room
    this ac is sufficiant in cooling my room, if i open the door and run my ac in 16 deg chill mode with full fan power, my compressor runs continuously without taking a break

    my question is that if i do this everyday, will ir effect my compressor and efficiency of my ac

    thank you

  • parag

    what will be the minimum ac size & star for my bedroom 12X11x9 with minimum cost of purchase and maintanance

  • parag

    pl suggest what will be the minimum ac size & star for my bedroom 12X11x9 with minimum cost of purchase and maintanance

  • sumitc

    My bedroom is 17*13*10. The room is on first floor,getting direct sunlight for whole day. Please suggest me whether I should go for 1.5 ton split ac or 2 ton split ac?

  • P K Mukherjee

    Hello,when I took the connection of cesc, I noticed that it was for 1960 watt with aluminium wire fitted by West Bengal Housing Board.

    Could I use (maximum 3+7 hrs in 24 hrs) a AC of 1 Ton in my one room.Excepting light,fan etc,TV,Fridge & Geyser are also there.

  • Anoop

    My room size is 10*10*10, will 1 ton size AC is sufficient for that ?

  • Raj Kumar

    I want to purchase a AC. My room specifications are 12*10*10. All the walls are not exposed to sunlight. One westside window is there, but is covered with a huge tree, so the sunlight also does not enter in room. I live in Rajasthan. We are two persons with two children. Please suggest me toonage of AC that will be appropriate to me in this room.

  • anil

    my bed room size was 13.6*12sft and second bedroom was 12.6*11.6sft hall was 23*13.6 sft how much ton acs are required for these three please answer me sir

  • arti

    my bed room size is 12x11x10 ft and the room does not have any window…and also there is no source of sunlight. It is on ground floor. i m planning to buy split ac..so please suggest me the ton for my room

  • Jahin

    i am confused which ac(window or split) to buy for my room? which ac efficiency is better? Please suggest

  • Srikar

    What will be the effect of having iron almirah in A.C rooms ? Will it increase the power consumption ? We have 3 in one room.

    • living advisor

      Iron Almirah will have no effect on the AC. Where as presence of this will reduce the total cooling area, you will benefit from this.

  • upen

    I have room of 12*12*12 square feet, with no direct sunlight and its ground floor. Hw much ton a.c. required for it for inverter a.c..(sharp inverteda.c.)

  • Piscean

    I am planning to buy an Inverter Split AC in Bangalore for my bedroom (L=12, B=10, Height=9.5 ft). One wall of room is West facing with an open balcony in which I have 4*4 ft sliding glass window and also a wooden door of 7*3.5 ft.

    Room is on 3rd floor and have one more floor above.

    Room has lots of furniture; king size bed with 2 side tables, dresser, entertainment unit with 32′ LED TV, baby crib. Room is occupied by 2 adults and 1.5 year old infant.

    I have shortlisted Daikin brand but confused between 0.75 Ton or 1 Ton models. Technicians who inspected site said both are fine, some say 0.75 is enough some say take 1 Ton to be on safe side. Checking AC tonnage calculators online some suggest 0.75 while others 1 Ton, some put it in between.

    Both have pros and cons; I think 0.75 Ton will consume less power but with temperatures soaring in Bangalore, heard it will reach 40 degrees this April, I am not sure if its correct in longer run. I am unable to take a right call, there is Rs.6K difference between 2 models.

    Please help urgently, quick response if much appreciated!!

  • Vivekanand

    I want to know the tonnage for my bedroom room 10 x 8 x 9(lxbxh).no direct sunlight with window facing south having area 23 sqft. my room also contains a gaming computer and standard insulation . Persons in the bedroom is 2. I live in Mira road near Mumbai. Please suggest me tonnage . I am considering 0.75 to 1 ton ac .

  • shibakali

    I have room of 12*12*10 square feet, with direct sunlight(at evening) and its in first floor.total 5 windows(4*3 sq feet each) are there How much ton a.c. required for it?

  • Arvind

    What happens when we buy 1.5ton inverter AC instead of 1ton inverter AC?

  • Lohith Ramesh

    I have LG Monsoon Comfort 1 Ton 5 Star Split A/C (Model LSA3Ew5Z),

    I Need to know how much of power consumption will happen per month, if i use for 8 hours per day.

    Also i need to know if use fan along with for effective cooling how much would it cost per day

    If you share the calcualtion formula for the same, it would great.

    Thanks in advance

    • living advisor

      It will consume around 300 units per month. If you use fan the cooling will be more effective and you can also set the temperature to a higher level by 2 degrees and have the same comfort. This will also save more electricity

  • rakesh

    my room size is 12*10*9 and have two wooden window on west side. It is on top floor and direct sunlight comes after 1pm. How much ton will be suitable?

  • sivaji BasuRoy

    I applied to CESC for enhancement of load capacity for AC.They informed that 2.6Kw is required in addition to already load capacity of 0.3 Kw and charged Rs 12275/-as deposit money in addition to earlier deposit amount of Rs 3000/- I paid the amount.Now they have informed that existing meter have the adequate capacity for additional load requirementMy meter is installed in 1998 with 5-20A,230V,750Kwh & 50hz.now I have two question :-1)If meter/wearing is not changed than can CESC charged that much? 2)Can I use one1.5 ton split AC,one 1ton split AC,one TV,one computer,one fridge,1 fan,4 tube lights at one go in 2.9Kw (0.3+ addtional2.6 kw)capacity?

  • Pankaj Batra

    I had installed 3star Diakin Split airconditioner for room size 12x10x10 is the ac is good enough for above room and is the air condition is best in indian market in term of performance and electricity saving.

  • Vishal

    Which is the correct temp to run the AC in home particularly in the night.

    • living advisor

      Switch on the ceiling fan and set the temperature of AC between 24-26 degrees. This is the right balance between comfort and energy saving.

  • Dear Sir/ Madam,
    Plz provide me the Amps table of non star to 1-5 star AC at same 220 volts
    plz e-mail me me,too.

  • rakesh

    Dear i have my office cabin of 15 x 15 x 10, please guide what ton of ac will be fine and i want to install split ac only as no space.

  • Sohel

    My room size is 15*10*10 and have one wooden window on west side. It is on top floor and direct sunlight comes after 1pm. How much ton will be suitable?

  • Rajesh

    What is the starting power needed for a 1 ton split Air-conditioner with BEE 3 star rating . I am planning to buy Honda generator for my 1 ton ac, will Honda Eu30is (rated output power 2800VA)sufficient to start 1 ton split ac ?

  • aman

    hi pls advise me
    my room size is 12 x 18 x 10
    on d first floor
    i have done false ceiling in d room to reduce heat effect.
    wat size of a/c will hold good 1.5 / 2ton
    and split or window
    at present provision for window a/c is on the corner of the room and dressing room is on the other side of it
    will it affect the cooling of my bedroom
    i hav 2 fans in my room.

  • neelesh

    My room size is 11*13 feet with height 10′.

    The wall and roof gets plenty of direct sunlight and it is on first floor.

    Suggest me the Split ac with brand and Ton capacity .

    My preference are in order HITACHI,Panasonic and Voltas

  • Edwin

    i am using LG 1.5 ton split and window ac. split ac consuming more power than window ac. its true ? r my split ac consuming more power ? split ac consuming 2 units/ hr(9 amps) (continues running) window ac consuming 1.8 units/hr. this is correct consumption….

  • Kamal

    My room is 12 x 11 x 10 plus space area is 5 x 3 x 10. It has 3 sliding aluminum windows facing the north direction where split ac is fixed above. Should i go for 1 ton or 1.5 ton as we only use air conditioned in night only. Secondly, I need energy saving 3 or 5 star unit which runs 6 hrs daily at night timings for 9 months in the season year. My brand choice is Panasonic or Daikin… Which one is the best reliable in long run?

    Waiting for reply via email.
    Thanking you,

  • Harsh

    Sir i want to know that my room size is length 20 ft and width 18 ft so 1.5 ton AC is enough for cooling my room . sir please suggest me

  • Rahul


    What the difference between inverter ac and star rated ac , i have to buy an ac of 1.5 ton for my room if i buy inverter ac of 1.5 ton how much unit it takes for one hour .and which is the best spilt ac to buy (copper

    • living advisor

      Inverter AC is new technology introduced but it is costly and requires power supply with less fluctuations. The tonnage is variable in Inverter AC as compared to fixed tonnage but the difference does not converts to more savings in electricity bills. Setting room temperature at 26-27 degree Celsius as compared to 22-23 Celsius will save more power (about 30%)

  • praveen

    room size 12.4 x 11.5 x 10 ft
    1 window 5 x 4 ft
    1 entry door
    1 attached bathroom door
    02 persons
    no tv , refrigerator….etc
    01 tube light
    01 fan
    direct sunlight never enters room from any side
    top floor
    place- jamnagar normally not so hot compared to north and other regions.
    jamnagar surrounded by arabian sea.

    kindly suggest right tonnage of Ac

    i am planning for 1 Ton 5 star Ac of Lg 2014 moonsoon cool feature.

    • living advisor

      As room is bigger 1.5 ton AC will be better. Power consumption will be the same. 1.5 ton AC will obtain the set temperature earlier and will shut off while 1 Tom AC will take a long time to coll. So more or less the power consumption will be the same. Added advantage is the room will get cooler faster.

      You can same more power by setting the room temperature at 25-26 degrees than setting it at 22-23 degrees. So the suggestion go for 1.5 tom AC and save power by setting temperature suitably.

  • peter

    I had 10 Amps Elecrical meter can we use 3 nos, 1.5 tons Air conditioner

  • My room is on the top (4th) floor, with windows in the East
    and North. It has 2 iron almirahs, 2 wooden medium-sized book
    cases and a single divan with a chair and small table with a 100 books.
    My room’s approx measurement will be 12′ by 11′ and height 12′, maybe a little
    less…which tonnage of AC should I but? I am thinking of
    buying a split Ac , Blue Star…I will use it for max 8 hours a day, only in summer
    afternoon: 3 hours, and st night: 5 Hours…

  • Anand

    I bought a VOLTAS 1.t 123LYE, Uses it ofr about 7-8 hours at night, My consumption daily has gone upto 3-4 units per day, Going by meter readings, Earlier we use to get about 7 UNits per day, with AC it now averages to 10. Not much, My room is 12x10x10

  • sudeep

    I need to install split ac on my room?
    I have 2 KV electric connection. Is it possible install 1.5 ton split ac without increasing load to electric meter. or i just need to change wiring

    please advice me because i know this type of problem is very common in India specially in medium family

  • sp

    Would 1 ton ac be enough for a room f size 11×11 and 11×13?

  • mak

    What is the benefit of sleep mode feature in voltas 1.5 ton split ac

  • khursheed ahmed

    Is it possible that split AC and 32inch Led TV share same wall??actually I am planning to install a led TV in my room,but the problem of split AC….how can I install led TV on same wall?is it technically wrong? Please suggest me as early as possible.thanx sir

  • reju

    My hall length 32 ft breadth 15ft hight 11 ft east side and south side have windows which tonnage i require

  • vishal

    Is 0.8 ton inverter ac sufficient for room of 10×10 ??insulation is good


    i am living on top floor and my room size is 14x9x9(in feet) so please suggest me how much ton of AC is suitable for my room.

  • nilesh

    I have 2 nd floor room the room size is H-11 L-13 B10 1 attached bathroom size 4feet from breath 1 window size 3feet length and 3/5 breath 1entre gate please suggest me witch type of air-condition I purchase 1 ton or 1.5 ton

  • Nisha

    “hello guys very nice blog because people gets lots of information about different types of ACs.” Thanks Neha

  • Syed

    Hi All,

    I am planning to buy Split AC of 1.5Ton, 3 star, i have one model in my mind its Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star 183 Pya-R/183 Pyt-R Split Air Conditioner Red With copper condenser, please suggest me whether this AC is good one? if yes, how much power consumption does it takes for 8 hours(in Units Please)

  • logesh

    sir,my room size is 13*11*10.one window… pls suggest me how much ton of ac will suitable for me..usage only at night time only..ground floor…

  • stanly

    Can u suggest me what ton split inverter type ac should I buy for my room 14 x 10 x 9
    Its in ground floor and has a sliding window n a door facing to north n a door facing to west n beside my room I have a kitchen.
    I want to go for bluestar or carrier.
    Note : in my room I have 3flourescent lamps n my desktop.
    Please advice.

  • K Vamsee Krishna

    Need advise from you room size 9.5 * 13 *9 , I have planned O general 1 tonne invertor AC, Is it good or shall i go for Hitachi 1.5 invertor AC

  • Anurag

    Dear Munish,
    I have checked out various split AC brands available in the market but lil bit fuzzy about which AC to go for. I need to know which 1.5 ton provides value for money between Lloyd, HItachi, panasonic, daikin and Mistubishi.
    Kindly do reply asap.

    • All product brands mentioned by you are good. Go for energy efficient AC based on star rating and having copper coils. The more you think the more you get confused due to presence of many brands and models.

  • Any

    I am from ahmedabad and i have installed 2 split 1.5 ton AC in two room.
    We have electricity supplied by torrent in my bill I have section load of 1.410 KW.
    Can I run both the ac together at night? At that time 2 ceiling fan and refrigerator is running with them also.
    Or do I need increase section load or three phase connection?

  • dhaval

    what is the advantage of inverter technology in AC

  • manish

    sir my room size is 10x9x9 plz advise to me suggest to used to me .75 ton, 1 ton . I am so cunfused plz suggest

  • Suvojit

    I am from Kolkata.
    I want to buy an AC for my house. Based on the following criterias can someone please advice me which Brand (Hitachi, Samsung etc), Star (5 , 3) and Volume (Ton) should i buy considering economical, worth of money,electric consumption,quality and offcourse service etc ?

    1>Area of room (length*width*height): 3.2*3.8*3.01 (Meters) OR 10.49*12.46*9.9 (ft) – Top floor (1st)
    2>Usage probability: 5 months (Max) and 5.5 hours (Max) in a day — In a year.

    It will be a great help if i get comments as i am not much aware of the calculation of electric consumption and overall idea on Ac.

  • Piyush Shekhar

    I need a split ac for my 13×15 sq. feet room which is on the first floor and sunlight comes in through one window only in the evening before sunset ! So i need to know what tonnage should i go for, and which brand should I choose..
    I am confused between LG LSA5ST3D1 1.5 ton and Carrier Octra 1.5 ton..
    I do not need a 5 star rated AC for savings…. I just need to know that will the LG AC provide good cooling and service ? Cz i live in bihar and LG’s service seems to be good for other appliances… plz reply soon !

  • Ansuman

    I have a 1.5ton Samsung spilt AC in my bedroom installed in April 2007.While I turn on the AC,after 5-10 minutes from starting the 32A MCB in my MCB box trips and the Ac does not run at all.What is the problem-with AC or satbiliser or electric supply.In our apartment the ACs in the other flats are working

  • Satpreet

    Please advise which is better , a 5 star Split Ac or Invertor Ac considering the price and savings in terms of electricity. My running time of AC is 17 hours per day.

  • Subhasis

    Sir, I recently purchased Whirlpool 3D cool AC with 3 star rating. Is it a good AC than other brands like Voltas, Hitachi etc.? Will it consume less power?

  • sajid

    I have a hall of area 15*15*9. Due to some height constraint of ceiling I have to go for Mitsubishi electric inverter 1.5tr. As it is compact machine
    Will my hall get cooled???

  • harinder pal singh

    hi, i wish to have central air conditioning in my home. while my architect is insisting on split ac’s. or concealed ceiling ac’s. i m confused bcz i dont have a clear pic on running cost and installation cost of both of these.hope u can help n guide me. app. size of home is 3300. sq.ft.on grnd floor .

  • karthik

    We are using 1.5 Ton Godrej Inverter AC in the area of 300 sq.feet hall.

    my doubts are following….

    can we use ceiling fan when ac is running?
    what temp should we maintained for lower power consumption?
    at which temp compressor would switch off after that when it will restart?
    what is the difference between auto mode and manual mode?(temp set by us)


  • Anith

    Sir, what will be the power consumption of a 1 ton ac when used in fan mode?
    I understand that this will not provide cooling. But is it better to get a standing fan or to use the fan mode of the ac?

  • Mr. Patel

    I have room Size 12*10*9 (L/W/H) at 8th floor. There are 2 more floor above.
    One 5.5*5 window at north side. There is no direct Sunlight.
    I am living at Ahmedabad. I am planning to buy 1.2 ton Hitachi ACE 5200f 1.2 TR – RAU514HWDS.
    Will it be sufficient capacity?

    • Go for 1.5 ton AC. Bigger capacity is better. There will be no difference in power consumption as 1.2 ton AC compressor will be working more time than 1.5 ton AC compressor. You can safe more by setting the room temperature between 5-25 degrees.

  • Rohit khatri

    My room is 13.5* 15.5 feet , ground floor , no 1st floor . 1.5 ton or 2 ton split AC . please share view for NaPloean brand ac

  • sudeep naskar

    i have 2 kw meter load,i want to buy 1.5 ton ac. can u suggest it that meter load is ok for 1.5 ton.

  • pankaj

    i have my office 12*9*9 and no direct sunlight in this and one computer so
    which size will be ok


    i installed 1.5 tonne in my living room which just started & electrical fuse got burned.
    need to know what kind of power connection to run the 1.5 tonne AC.

    is residential regular connection is OK of more load required….

    Also if i required to accommodate AC in 3 different rooms then what will be the power connection required

    can any expert give us the advice??

  • Goutam Roy

    I have purchased one 1.5 TON 3 star Hitachi SPLIT AC 2 weeks back. By room area is around 180 sq ft and the room height is 9 ft. I am not feeling expected cold even after 45 minutes setting the temperature as 20. Already complained a lodge and they suggested 1.5 TON is not enough for my room and ideally it should be 2 TON. AC costs me around 50000 and now its not possible to replace. Please advise.

    • Yes your room size is big so the ac will take a long time to cool it. Plug all air leakages, regulate direct sunlight and remove heat causing appliances like refrigerator from the room for more efficiency. Partitioning the room can also help in this. There is no problem with the AC. Use ceiling fan along with the AC for better air circulation and keep temperature at 24 degrees.

  • Asish

    Which brand of split ac is more power saving ;more budget friendly and good maintain services in west bengal market.
    Another question ,what is the difference between inverter or non inverter ac

    • Power saving is more related to star rating than brand. In inverter AC the power supplied to the compressor is variable so that the compressor speed can be increased and reduced as per requirement automatically by the AC, whereas in non inverter AC the compressor can only be switched on or off. So in inverter AC the compressor will keep running at variable speeds but will not switch off and in non inverter AC the compressor will switch off after the set temperature is reached and will switch back on when the temperature increases by two degrees. So ther is more accurate temperature control in Inverter AC

  • raghu

    Hi, can u explain about tower AC aswell. Is it worth taking this for home. I am planning it for my hall which includes dining and foyer which comes around 3200(L*B*H). will 3 ton helps out? How it works out on consumption side ? Heard they all comes with 2 star rating. which is the best brand for in this segment which has more star ratings and works out well in power consumption.


  • Siddhartha Patra

    Hi There,

    I want to know if a Hitachi ac of 1.15T and 5 star would work for me.

    My room size is 12x12x10.

    However, about 12 sqft is the cupboard area. Also, the room is on the 2nd floor of a 4 storey building.

    The room also has a steel almirah and a double bed and some small stuff.

    The room has two 4ftx3ft windows facing south and west. The west side window gets direct sunlight during the afternoon but the ODU of the AC is supposed to be placed there and would block some sunlight.

    Looking forward to your feedback.



    Hi, my room size is 12x10x10. The room has a LCD TV and a iron almirah, apart from a standard double bed on the top floor, and faces the sun for about 3-4 hours in the morning.This Room is located on East Side.Can you suggest what ton ac is the perfect for my bed room ??

  • Rajan

    Thank you for maintaining this informative site.
    I would like to know whether I can use a Hitachi 5 star 1.2 ton AC for my room of size 11*10*10. Or do I have to go for a 1 ton? I understand that Hitachi does not have a 1 ton machine in 5 star fixed speed category.

  • Avinash

    As I planing to purchase an ac of videocon vista 2 ton with 5 star rating but I want to know that how much rupees will come if it is on for 1 hrs

  • arslan

    my bed room is 11×18×9 and i want window 1.5 ton a/c so tell me which company is best for me to keep my bedroom cool 2 ton ac requires more electrcty

  • arslan

    my bed room is 11×18×9 and i want window 1.5 ton a/c so tell me which company is best for me to keep my bedroom cool 2 ton ac requires more electrcty my room is in 1st floor where sunrays comes very miner.

  • Subir

    I am planning to purchase a General AC in Top floor, size 13x12x10. In day time room is fully hit by direct sun. Can you suggest me which size will be preferable for my room. I have an option to purchase 2.5 ton General AC. If i purchase then how much will be cost per hours.

  • kalyanaraman

    Our Hall is about 15×12 what capacity is required and we will be using sparingly what model is ideal

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