Airtel customer care number in Bangalore

Airtel is one of the top ranking mobile service providers in India. Airtel customer care number in Bangalore is operational 24 hours a day.

Airtel customers have the convenience to access the customer care number of Airtel Bangalore from any part of the state of Karnataka and India, from Airtel phone or landline phone. The aim of Airtel customer care Bangalore is to help its customers as quickly and as efficiently as possible at first point of contact. Airtel landline customers in Bangalore and Karnataka have the convenience to access 24-hr Airtel Bangalore customer service centre at 121, from their Airtel landline phone to register their complaint.

Email Airtel customer care in Bangalore

Customers can email their questions, comments or suggestions to Airtel. Airtel Karnataka will get right back to you. Please mention your Airtel account and landline number in the subject of the mail for quick response.

Email ID if Airtel Karnataka / Bangalore is

Airtel customer care number Bangalore

Customer care help line Services offered by Airtel customer care
Help line number 44444121
121 from Airtel mobile phone Scheme/Bill Plan/VAS Information
198 Toll free Customer Care Number of Airtel Karnataka for complaints or service requests like Provisioning, Billing & Metering issues, Allocation of Tariff Plan, Account Updation, ISD, STD, Roaming Activation, VAS Deactivation, Service Termination, Security deposit Refund.
9845012345 Postpaid In case calling from any other number for above mentioned services for postpaid
9845098450 Prepaid In case calling from any other number for above mentioned services for prepaid

Airtel Customer care Bangalore Grievance Addressal

Nodal Officers Airtel Karnataka customer care

In case customers do not get satisfactory resolution of their query / complaint at the Airtel Bangalore customer service centre they can get in touch with Airtel Nodal officers with their complaint reference number and details of grievance at the following address:

Nodal officer, Bharti Airtel Limited, 55, Divyasree Towers, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560 029 Karnataka. Email:

Working Hours: Monday to Friday; 9:30 am to 6:30 pm

Turn Around Time: 10 days

Appellate Authority Airtel Karnataka customer care

In case customer is not satisfied with the resolution given by Airtel Nodal officer at Airtel customer care Bangalore, customer may get in touch with Appellate Officers within 3 months of resolution after the expiry of the complaint resolution time limit specified by the Nodal Officer at the following address

Appellate officer, Bharti Airtel Limited, 55, Divyasree Towers, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560 029 Email:

Working Hours: Monday to Friday; 9:30 am to 6:30 pm

Turn Around Time: Within 3 months of receipt of the appeal

9 comments to Airtel customer care number Bangalore

  • ullash

    Dear All,

    Airtel CC representative changed my number post paid to prepaid;Last 15days i m following up with airtel no response, i m mention here some of the managers name, kindly remind there name Balamurgan, Gopinath, Nadim,Sugana,Rajani if any issue don’t belive them at all. Really they are playing with us.


  • sridevi


    I have taken Airtel 3G services with a new mobile connection in Mar 2011, till now I am paying the bills but not able use the connection at home due to no coverage, it is just lying in my cupboard and its been 3 months the CC of airtel is not bothered to solve the issue even after giving more than 5 complaints. Seriously i will never recommend the Airtel to anybody and first thing i will disconnect the connection


  • Abdul Mallick

    Dear Sir,

    The landline/internet connection # 080-40926443 in my mothers name ( Najmunnisa Begum ) is out of order since 31st May 2011, we tried calling your customer care but it is of no use we have to keep on keying in the numbers, either there is no response or the number gets hanged up. I went to your cunningham road office on 2nd June and lodged a complaint thruogh the hotline first the person took down the details he kept me on hold saying that he will get me the compalint number ultimately the line got hanged.

    Again I called your customer care a lady picked up the call once again I had to give all the details to her and she gave me the compalint reference 47135640 and my mother got a sms on her mobile number 9845430429 stating that some body will come by 12.00 next day to set right the line. No body turned up till date.

    On 03rd June I check with my mother whether the line has been restored and she told me that no body has turned up so far, I tried calling your customer care again the effort went invain just key in the numbers nobody responded.

    On 04th June first I went to your cunningham road office I was told either I have to lodged the compalin through the hotline ( even on 02nd june I was told that this office is only for mobile services for land line we have to compalin through the hotline) or go benson town office near ymca they will take care of our complaint, I ended reaching your Nandidurga road office there I had to wait for 15-20 minutes to get the hotline as another customers patience was tested on the hotline he was patiently giving details of his problem, finally the customer care representative called your technical department she was kept on hold for about 10 minutes and then some body came on the line took all the details and said it will take another couple of days to restore the line, the same was conveyed to me I lost my temper and spoke to the techincal department I got the same reply stating that the line will be restored in couple of days, I insisted let some senior person call me I gave my mobile number no body has called so far. I even asked for the manager of Nandidurga office I was told he is not in office, I asked for the contact number of the manager the lady refused to give the number.

    On 07th or 08th June again my niece went to cunningham road office and had an argument with your customercare on hotline, no body has responded.

    Today 09th June I went to cunningham road they directed me to Nandidurga Office, I went to Nandidurga Office met the same customer service lady whom I had met on 04th June insisted for the managers number she said the manager is not in office and his number is busy she called the technical department gave the details and I was told that somebody will call today I was not sure and asked for the technical department she said I need to go to YMCA family building took the location, tried to reach the place could not locate and I reahced you Frazer Town branch I parked my vehicle and got in to the office the TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT CONFISTICATED MY VEHICLE AS I PARKED IN THE NO PARK AREA, I HAD TO GO TO FRAZER TOWN POLICE STATION PAY RS.300/- FINE AND GET MY VEHICLE RELEASED.

    I was under the impression that Airtel services are the best now I have to change my opinion, other service providers may be better than Airtel. We had to go through all this stress and mental torture for mistake of ours. Have we comitted a sin or crime opting for Airtel services for which we have to pay from our pockets and do the follow up job. Nobody from Airtel is bothered to atleast give a courtesy call and acknowledge.

    I want this problem sorted out and pay the traffice fine which I have paid because of Airtels bad service.

    Atleast now somebody calls me.


    Abdul Mallick


  • naidu

    airtel customer service not at all good these day…i personally not recommend to anyone….if i call customer case after getting connected long peek of time they are putting on hold and getting charge us….they are not even bother abt the customer.

    and those customer care executive not able to speak in english words.

  • rangaswamy

    service bad to worst. even to talk to caustomer care officer is very difficult. thanks for the service so for. leaving airtel. make the difference!!! feel the difference!!!!

  • Mahendra


    I was pleasure using your service for more then 5+ years however my connection was deactivated with out any further notice, having enquired calling customer care i was informed to take new sim card holding the same mobile number. You guys have no explanation why it was deactivated for which I should pay 49 RS to buy duplicate simcard for no reason to retain my service.

    Even after you have deactivated my service you should have kept my account active atleast to make emergency call to airtel customer care service.

    Your customer care executive have no knowledge about the service you got to offer to your customers, But they are good at avoiding the calls by disconnecting at the middle of the call when we call to your customer care, I called your customer care from other telecom operator phone which I ended up Spending nearly 25 RS on my calls for no resolution. I was suggested to visit your airtel out let office directly which is located near jayadeva hospital bannerghatta road, later when I enquired there they said yours is a old airtel connection we dont have stock for your series of mobile number do visit us to after a week we mite be able to give you duplicate simcard.

    It was a great using airtel connection all this while till i experience how pathetic I will be treated for your technical issues. Please TRY to do CSAT for your customers because customers cannot be fooled always to hold your service. Thank God atleast I can go for other telecom operator having the same number for a new duplicate simcard by just paying 19 RS instead end up paying 49 RS to retain my airtel service. Its not about money it abt serviced, satisfaction and i expect a value in return for what i pay you guys.

    Bye bye airtel


  • Skaria Varghese

    Losing money without any reason on iPhone 3GS without 3G/cellular data network activated. Contacted airtel many times but no joy as they are more interested in robbing people. Their service sucks. Now no option available to speak with CS agent on 121 and unable change the answering machine language to English. Airtel management to take some training and listen to their customers.

  • Sarala

    Service bad to worst. even to talk to customer care officer is very difficult. thanks for the service so for. leaving air tel. when ever we call 121 or 198 they just hang over the phone and they disconnect the call this type of service if we are getting leaving the Airtel make the difference!!! feel the difference!!!!


    Tried calling airtel customer service. The line got cut in between for two times but i was charged for the call ..when i called up for the third time and told about the issue, the customer executive was very rude and did not respond properly to my query…felt bad for being an airtel customer for a very long time…poor service and no proper benefits for the money we pay….

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