Airtel Digital TV customer care

There was a time, not so long in the past, when we had to constantly haggle with our cable service provider on various issues such as regularly disrupted supply, inconsistent feed, non availability of certain channels of one’s choice, and most importantly on the exorbitant and selective pricing mechanism, and above all the high handed behavior of the cable operator.

At that point in time, say about a decade ago, television channels were delivered to our homes through these cable operators.

Within the last 10 years a new method of getting television channels Direct to our Homes had evolved, and this is called as DTH. It is very important for us to mention that Airtel’s DTH is called as Digital TV because it is the latest generation of High Definition Digital Signals, and they are capable of providing far superior picture quality and various new features which were not existent when Direct to Home form of beaming the television signals to our homes started. There are about half a dozen DTH operators in India now, and Airtel Digital TV is one of the biggest operators having pan Indian operations.

Airtel Digital TV has steadily gained market share, meaning that more and more people have started migrating from cable based signal supplies to their TVs to Satellite beamed signals. Airtel Digital TV is claimed to deliver far superior quality of transmission, and very many new features that were hitherto not available through the cable operator.

Airtel Digital TV has indeed changed the minds of the people, and its clientele base is growing by leaps and bounds. In order service the customers of Airtel Digital TV, as also to attract newer clients for Airtel Digital TV, they have several modes of Customer Care put it place. Here we will try to explain all the available options of Airtel Digital TV Customer Care systems.

Various Modes to Reach Airtel Digital TV Customer Care across India

Airtel Digital TV Customer Care is widely available to the public across the country through seven different methods. They are as outlined underneath.

1.      Airtel Digital TV Customer Care through Telephonic Support

2.      Airtel Digital TV Customer Care though Email

3.      Airtel Digital TV Customer Care through Customer Relationship Centers

4.      Airtel Digital TV Customer Care through SMS

5.      Airtel Digital TV Customer Care via Online Query / Request / Complaint Registration Form

6.      Understand Your Statement – Airtel Digital TV Customer Care

7.      Grievances Redressal Mechanism of Airtel Digital TV

We will explain it in detail for the benefit of the readers, through various articles in this section as well as for ready reference, as they do not have to wade through various pages of Airtel Portals to find out about Airtel Digital Customer Care modes and methods. 

2 comments to Airtel Digital TV customer care

  • velmurugan


    i am subscriber of airtel Digital TV.since last month onwards we didn’t see our televison channels because of weak signals had been received from our, that we keep television for 24 hours on so that only we can see the television.Its really worrying me and my family.Even we paid money to you but we cannot see any channels.Past 15 day back only we recharge the amount for 200 rupees,but now it says “Please recharge your account’.


    Subject:- Demand for corruption money for shifting of dish within five feet radius.
    Reference:- Unattained complaint No. 11049948 & my Customer ID-3000996191
    Dear SIR,
    With reference to my request No. 11049948 dated 18-08-2011, I received phone call vie cell No. +91-9624015375 so called your engineer that he will attend my call only if I have to pay 100/- extra i.e. 300/- for shifting of dish within five feet radius but according to your customer care advise the charges are 200/- only and for per meter extra wire I have to pay 12/- extra.
    Kindly go through my request and shift my dish as per your customer care rate, if my complaint not attended then I am force to file FIR in local/nearest police station followed by grievances in consumer court or if you are not able to provide services then take off all your equipments and return all of the money with interest, till I paid.
    In addition I got message that my problem is resolved should I take the help of local police for investigation that problem not at all attended and phone no. given by you 8866556622 not in working condition.
    Thanking you
    Yours truly

    CUSTOMER Id-3000996191

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