Airtel Digital TV Recharge with Easy Recharge System

This is one of the simplest methods of recharging your Airtel Digital TV Account. All that one has to do is go to the Airtel Digital TV Retailer outlet from which you have purchased Airtel Digital TV.

At this outlet you can pay any amount between Rs 50/- to Rs 9999/- and the Airtel Digital TV Retailer will recharge your 10 Digit Airtel Digital TV Account with the amount paid by you. It is that simple.

Airtel Digital TV Recharge through Customer Care

The Airtel Digital TV Customer has the option to call their Customer Care numbers, which can be accessed, from any part of the country and they are:

Toll Free Number – 1800 – 102 – 8080

Regular Telephone – 020-40181400

Apart from the above you can also contact your region’s customer care number and get your Airtel Digital TV Recharged. The regional customer care numbers are given below.

North Hub: 0124 4448080

East Hub: 033 44448080

West Hub: 020 44448080

South Hub: 080 44448080

You can call any of the above numbers depending on your suitability. The amount, which you can recharge, is a minimum of Rs 200/- to a maximum of Rs 10000/-. You actually would have to confirm an amount, then draw a cheque for the said amount, give this cheque number to the customer care number that you have dialed, and they will give you a provisional receipt. Then you will have to deposit the cheque at any of the Airtel outlets or in Airtel Digital TV Retailer Outlet. Please ensure that you write your 10 Digit Airtel Digital TV Account Number in it.

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