Airtel Digital TV Recharge using Mchek

Mchek is also a new generation of payment instrument. This instrument is used predominantly through your mobile phone. If you wish to use Mchek you will have to sign up with this service provider. If you wish to find out more about it then call these help line numbers 1800 102 1033 (This is a toll free number) or 022 4005 3888.

Actually this payment instrument is very convenient for people who either do not have access to internet or net banking, or for people who do not have time to recharge their Airtel Digital TV account by any of the other methods mentioned in this article.

We will explain how it works for Airtel Digital TV Recharge. First you will have to register with Mchek, and they will link your Credit Card / your Debit Card & your Mobile Number to create an account with them. Please keep note of the fact that you can use Mchek instrument for Airtel Digital TV Recharge only if you are having an Airtel Mobile Number. Once an account is created, you can recharge your Airtel Digital TV by sending SMS. You have to send SMS as PAY DIGITALTV <Recharge amount> <Customer ID >to 543219 from your Airtel mobile number. This facility has been extended only to people who have an Airtel Mobile Number registered with Airtel Digital TV Services.

What actually happens is when you send an SMS as explained above to 543219 Number, Mchek Service Provider’s servers come to know that the SMS has come from your Mobile Number, and it can instantly correlate your Mobile Number to your Mchek account, and then it will debit the amount that you have entered in the the SMS from your Credit Card / Debit Card with which you created your account with Mchek. Then this transaction will get reflected in either your credit card statement or in your bank account statement, if you have created the account with your debit card.

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