Baby care in third month


Feeding pattern is similar during this period also. Feed him/her every 2-3 hours during the whole day.

Sleeping habits in third month

Baby begins to sleep for longer periods at night. Also in this period baby sleeps most of the time during day. He/she will sleep about 14-15 hours (10-11 hours at night and about 3-4 naps during the day). He/she may sleep 3-4 hours between nighttime feedings.

Physical Changes  in third month

They turn their head towards sounds. At this stage baby knows difference between male and female voices. Also recognize the difference between angry and friendly voices and react according to that. 

Now your baby is able to look more than 12 inches from her face. Follows objects by moving head from side to side. He/she mostly focuses on brightly colored objects. He/she will smile gurgles and coos, particularly when talked to.  

Your baby will may also spend a large amount of time by jazzing hands. Most of the time, his hands will be open. The act of opening and closing them helps him/ her to pick up toys in next few days.

Height and Weight  in third month

At 3 months, the typical baby weighs 13 pounds (5.5-6kg) and measures 24 inches. But don’t worry if your baby is smaller or larger, it is vary in size and shape. The average weight for a 3-month-old can from 9 to 16 pounds and the average length from 22 to 25 inches.

Movements in third month

They can lift their chin off mattress when lying on their stomach. Holds head steady when held upright. Some kids turn over by the end of the third month.

Tips for Building Your Baby’s Skills

  • Rocking him in a rocking chair.
  • As you hold him, talk softly and look into his eyes.
  • Singing quietly to him before bed.
  • Giving him different textures to feel, such as stuffed animals, plastic toys, etc.
  • Be sure they are not too small and that the pieces can’t be torn off and swallowed, because your baby may put the objects in his mouth.
  • Babies need some quiet time to babble, play, and explore their world, so don’t leave a radio, TV, or stereo on for long periods.

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