Bajaj Discover 125 cc mileage

The Bajaj Discover 125 is a typical city drive two wheeler that any office goer would prefer.

It is very suitable for long distance travel within a city for its comfort, mileage and easy drive. The Bajaj Discover 125 ever since its launch has been a quite preferred bike among people of all ages. This bike is available in two dual tone shades which are black with maroon and black with blue. This bike gives tough competition to the medium budget, good mileage bikes by other companies. Although it is a low budget good mileage bike but Bajaj has indeed paid attention to its design and dynamics. The body design and styling is done in a way to appeal all. Now let’s go through the following sections to know more about its mileage and other features.

Bajaj Discover 125 cc mileage reviews

Bikedekho [dot] com says that the company’s own patented DTS-i technology ensures better and efficient fuel combustion that results high engine performance and better acceleration so that this variant of Bajaj Discover 125 can break the barrier of 60kmph in just 5.94 seconds and it can achieve the top speed mark of 107.4kmph. The fuel tank of the bike has 8 litres of capacity with 2.3 litres in reserve which ensures long riding. Bajaj Discover 125 gives a mileage of 56 to 67 kilometres per litre.

Iloveindia [dot] com opines that the Bajaj Discover has been the highest selling 125 cc bike in India since its inception and far ahead of other bikes in its segment. It is equipped with world’s first 125cc DTSi engine which gives best in class power of 8.47kW (11.51Ps). The DTSi – Digital Twin Spark ignition technology leads to optimum combustion and phenomenal performance augmentation. Though the bike is not very comfortable for tall riders, it has proven to be a very popular executive commuter. Bajaj Discover 125 DTSi produces a maximum torque of 10.8 Nm at 6500 rpm. The strong torque spread of Bajaj Discover results in an absolute linear delivery. Bajaj Discover DTSi has an excellent pick up and is miles ahead of its peer group on this front. It zooms from zero to 60 km/h in just 6.37 seconds and from zero to 100 km/h in 20.09 seconds. Bajaj Discover 125 DTSi is a rare combination of good looks and mileage. When riding at a normal speed of about 55 kms per hour, you can easily get a mileage of around 60 km/l in city conditions.

Bharathautos [dot] com says that the Bajaj Discover 125 cc bike brought about a new trend of sporty commuter motorcycles. The new Discover 125 a blend of style, fuel efficiency, performance as well as features a 125cc, air cooled, 2 valve, SOHC, four stroke DTSi engine which produces 11 horsepower of peak power and 10.8 Nm of torque, delivering a top speed of 100 kilometres per hour and a mileage of 82.4 kilometres per litre.

Bajaj Discover 125 cc mileage: The final verdict

The Bajaj Discover 125 cc is a common man’s favourite bike. Best for office commuting and busy city commuting purposes this bike proves to be very efficient when it comes to performance and mileage. It gives a good mileage of around 55 to 65 kilometres per litre. The bike is easy to handle and gives a comfortable ride. So if you want to purchase a bike for daily commuting purposes within the city and are looking for a great design and mileage, go for Bajaj Discover 125cc.

10 comments to Bajaj Discover 125 cc mileage

  • Biswanath Ojha

    Bajaj Company Is A good Company,the company production bike is very beautiful,good milage.I do agree every people purchase & riding bajaj Bike

  • samsudeen

    Bajaj discover 125 is very …good good mileage 70 km

  • A.B.DAS

    My discover 125 is 03 months old 1st service done ,but get 45KM /Litre, so I confuse is the mileage ok?

  • sudarshan

    hey guys, the discover is very gud bike among 125 cc catogory bikes. this bikes accelerates 0-60 kmph in just 5.30 second( tested repeadly 3,4 times in my disc125 2012 model ) wch is very awesome. the other company like herohonda, cant reach as like this except honda shine. in the competition with discover, the shine gives great pick up bt the drawback of its are =
    1=more vibrater after the speed of 60 just like riding on 80 kmph.
    2=milease is 55 (gud bt disccover gives +60)
    3=looks nt good like discover.
    4=feel like the unsafe while riding at the higher speed.
    (note- this is done experimently by me acording to me).
    when i ride discover , i was on the thinking of its smoothness while riding. i drive this bike 90 kmph bt feel like jst i was riding at 60-70. haha wch impressed me very much. so i choose discover125 n buy it. i m fully satisfied with it. 63-68 kmpl in gravelled, top speed of 103 kmph etc.


    IM allredy purchase the bajaj 125cc discover with disc 2 months old but good mileage 75kmpl im riding the bike 60 kmph this very good milege allredy 1st servies done

  • jimil maanaaden

    hai. My discover 125 gives 100 km per rupees 100 fuel. It have some issues the bike is vibrate when 60 kmph or more. The down gears is very tight and shocks not work well now. Now the main issue is milage it gives 40 km per 1 litre. Something went wrong. The overall quality of vehicle is average. The specifications like disc brake , handling is so good.

  • ravi

    mileage depend upon a part called carburetor it has 2 screw 1) air screw 2) ideal screw if air screw is tight engine take less air and more fuel we get less mileage. If we loosen the air screw we get perfect air and fuel ratio and we get good mileage. Please don’t unscrew the air screw when engine is off it wont start again. First what we do is on the engine and turn the air screw anti-clock wise because of more air engine revolution will increase so we turn ideal screw to slow down the revolution.again rotate air screw 1/4th anti-clock wise and adjust ideal speed by turning ideal repeat the same procedure until the air screw rotate 2.25 turns out from fully close.first we don’t know how many turns our air-screw is now so we first make the air screw fully closed .don’t rotate air screw to fully at a time the engine will stop and wont start. Please rotate the air screw 1/4th turn clockwise and turn ideal screw clockwise so engine don’t die.


    Hi All,

    I have purchased Bajaj Discover 125 Drum Break on 16-10-2012 and 34000 KM RUNNING. And I don’t have changed any parts of it. I have check average of My bike and it gives 50KM/L. So please give the tips to Increase my bike’s Average. Which Spair Part Should change i have to change.

  • Sanjay Raut

    मुझे अपना अनुभव शेयर करते हुए कुछ अच्छा नहीं लग रहा है, लेकि‍न मेरे साथ जो घटि‍त हो रहा है वह एक कटु सत्य है। मैंने 2005 में एक Bajaj Discover 125 cc खरीदा (स्पो‍क व्हील वाला), और तब से आज तक इसका औसत माइलेज़ 35 कि‍मीप्रघं है। बहुत प्रयास कि‍या, यहाँ तक कि‍ बजाज के सर्वि‍स सेंटर पर भी शुरु-शुरु में जाँच करवाया, पर न जाने कौन-सी वि‍धि‍ से जाँच कि‍या जाता है कि‍ माइलेज 70-80 तक दि‍खाता है। पर व्य वहारि‍क तौर पर जैसे ही सड़क पर गाड़ी को चलाता हूँ, तो वही ढाक के तीन पात यानि‍ कि‍ माइलेज़ 35 कि‍मीप्रघं से ऊपर जाते-जाते गाड़ी हाँफ-हाँफ कर दम तोड़ देता है।
    मेरे लि‍ए तो – ‘जब से मि‍ली है गाड़ी, मजबूरी में ढो रहा हूँ। आफत गले पड़ी है, उसी पे रो रहा हूँ।‘ नि‍श्चित रूप से यह एक म्यूजि‍यम में रखने योग्य एंटि‍क पीस है।
    If any body expertise in this field, have some idea or suggestion to improve the mileage. please advise me the technical way to get it better.

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