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Bajaj Pulsar 220 mileage

Bajaj Pulsar 220 with its new facelift has become all the more coveted. Its killer looks, superb dynamics and good performance make it a hot favourite among men. Bajaj claims it to be the fastest Indian bike in the market. It competes with the likes of Yamaha R15 and Karizma ZMR. Pulsar 220 is available in four enticing colours which are grey, blue, black and red.

Buying any of these colours wouldn’t make you regret as all of them are attractive enough. Racing through the Indian roads and highways is a great and safe experience on a Pulsar 220. The grip of its tyres on the road is stable and good making bike riding on a fast pace secure and comfortable.

Bajaj Pulsar 220 mileage reviews

Automobileupdates [dot] com says the Bajaj Pulsar 220 has got extremely attractive looks and stylish body panels. The under seat storage area is also a good enough. The redesigned console background, new 3-D graphics and revised clip on handlebars are new additions to this bike. The front and rear brakes have golden finish and the fuel gauge is digital. According to them the mileage delivered by Pulsar 220 is 30 kilometres per litre on the city roads and 41 kilometres on highways which is fair enough keeping in mind its 220 cc engine.

Pricesofindia [dot] com says Pulsar 220 is a high end bike that has got a dine DTS-Fi 220 cc engine that falls in the premium segment. According to their tests this bike goes from 0 to 60 kilometres per hour in flat 3.8 seconds which is quite good. Depending upon the driving style and road and traffic conditions, on an average the bike is capable of delivering 36 kilometres per litre of mileage on city roads. They say the top speed of the bike is more than 134 kilometres per litre in normal conditions.

Bikedekho [dot] com is also all praise about this bike. They say that its DTS-Fi technology offers better and faster combustion of fuel that is the reason why its fuel efficiency is very good. They say that the mileage delivered by this bike is 38 kilometres per litre on city roads in normal road and traffic conditions if the driving style of the rider is good. They say that the mileage enhances and reaches up to 47 kilometres per litre on highways. The fuel tank of Pulsar 220 is a good 15 litre capacitated.

Bajaj Pulsar 220 mileage: The final verdict

Powered by a 220 cc engine with five speed manual transmission gearbox, the Bajaj Pulsar 220 is every sport biker’s favourite bike. With an affordable price tag quite competitive with Karizma ZMR and Yamaha R15, this bike fares very well on Indian roads as far as its performance is concerned. Pulsar 220 gives a mileage of 35 to 38 kilometres per litre.

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