Baldwin Schools Bangalore

Baldwin School named after a philanthropist, John Baldwin, was established by the South India Regional Conference of the Methodist Church in India.

It is a Christian school with two branches, one being the Baldwin Boy’s High School and its sister concern Baldwin Girls’ High School. Both the schools are among the leading schools of Bangalore. The school believes in developing the children in such a way that they become responsible citizens of our country. The schools inculcate moral, social and spiritual values along with developing a positive attitude towards life.

Academics at Baldwin Schools, Bangalore

The schools follow ICSE pattern of studies. The students passing out of the schools till date have done remarkably well in academics. The school provides an in-depth syllabus for better comprehension of the students. Both the schools emphasise on students using their own intellect rather than the teachers spoon-feeding them. Students are encouraged to write the answers in their own words rather than cramming them up from the book and writing all that off in the answer sheets.

English is a compulsory language and option of studying regional language is also open. Mathematics too is given a lot of importance as it is also counted among the most vital subjects. The students of Baldwin are also given the option of choosing a sixth subject which prepares them for the college studies. Their options for the sixth subject are:

  • Commercial studies
  • Economics
  • Physical education
  • Computer science

Fee structure and admissions at Baldwin Schools, Bangalore

The annual fee for Indian students is Rs 71,250 and for students coming from overseas is Rs 72,000. The admissions at Baldwin Schools start in the month of February.

Clubs at Baldwin Schools, Bangalore

  • Aero modelling
  • Electronics club
  • Music club
  • Collections club
  • Magic club
  • Quiz club
  • Literary activity club
  • Debating club
  • Art club

Other co-curricular activities at Baldwin Schools, Bangalore

Apart from the activity clubs for students other extra curricular activities are offered too to students. They are

  • Scouts
  • NCC
  • Musical band of the school

Facilities provided to the students by Baldwin Schools, Bangalore

  • Library
  • Computer lab
  • Science lab
  • Lincoln hall- auditorium

Contact information of the Baldwin Schools

Baldwin Boys High School

14, hosur road, Richmond town, Bangalore- 560025

Ph: 080-2212742, Email:

Baldwin Girls High School

90(34), Richmond town, Bangalore, Ph: 080-22210793, 22274092

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  • Roshni Agarwal


    I am seeking admission for my daughter for first standard, please send me the fee stracture & academic details.

    Roshni Agarwal

  • N.Surya

    Hai, I am Surya, studying in Grade VII (CBSE) Hosur. Planning to shift to Bangalore next year. Looking for Tamil as second language. Kindly let me Know if I can get this in your school.


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