Benefits of studying MBA from IIT Delhi

Not only Technical studies but management studies of IIT Delhi too are well known in India. Students strive to get admission in IIT Delhi to study MBA due to the following reasons

An MBA degree from IIT Delhi holds a lot of value in the management industry.

Through their effective and ample amount of practical work and projects, students get the actual idea of how the industry works.

The Faculty includes top notch management gurus, professionals and professors who have studied management in depth.

While pursuing an MBA course from IIT, Delhi students analyse the current market trends and research and prepare projects on various management related topics.

As a result of above mentioned points, MBA students of IIT Delhi get placements in the best organisations of India and the world and many of them eventually become great entrepreneurs.

Their curriculum includes the history, evolution and future market prospects of the management industry.

The MBA students develop great analytical, observational and problem solving skills while their study period at IIT Delhi.

IIT, Delhi’s strong exposure and links with the industry proves to be a great advantage for MBA students in getting excellent employment opportunities.

They offer flexibility in the kind of course students want to opt, that is MBA students can opt for either part-time or a full time course. The details of which are provided in section ‘Academics related information regarding MBA courses at IIT, Delhi’.

IIT Delhi not only focuses on providing technical know-how of management but also focuses on developing creativity in MBA students, who, with time, become excellent decision – makers.

Opportunity for MBA students to study a specialised entrepreneurship program funded by SIDBI.

The faculty has worked with the ‘Government of India’ towards contributing to the establishment of one of the IIMs.

The infrastructural facilities provided at IIT Delhi to MBA students are world class with all the amenities.

Students are provided with the facility to work on the latest software and the education is fully computer aided.

Outstation students are provided with hostel facilities and all the basic amenities in the campus of IIT Delhi.

MBA students at IIT Delhi also get to contribute in the students festivals and activities arranged in the campus.

Students not only develop academically but they get an all-round development by studying at IIT, Delhi.

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