Best Indian Food in Los Angeles

Best Indian food Los Angeles can be found easily in some of the best restaurants spread all over Los Angeles. Indians may live anywhere in the world but they always love to please their tongues with the Indian flavors only.

There are so many good restaurants serving best Indian food with their specialties added to them.

Some of the popular restaurants among the Indian community include Nawab of India, Gate of India, Addi’s Tandoor, Chakra cuisine etc. All of them serve Best Indian food Los Angeles. Depending on their specialty and your budget you can opt to dine at one of them.

Chakra Cuisine, Radhika’s, Gate of India, Bombay café, Addi’s Tandoor are some places where you can spend anywhere between $15 to $22 for main course and get quality dining experience along with bar and lounge.  If you are going with your family then you can also get private rooms.

Chakra Cuisine offers you a friendly atmosphere with fine dining facility. This is open all 7 days a week but closes a little early on Saturdays. The average cost of the main course here is around $26 and it serves you tongue pleasing Indian cuisine. The joy of eating here is supplemented by the bar and lounge that allows to just relish your favorite food and mingling with other people mainly from Indian community. The food is amazing with unique blend of experimental and traditional way of Indian cooking.

Radhika’s restaurant is another good place to eat especially if you are not in a mood to spend more. The place is designed beautifully and the combination of great food and great fun fetches large crowd especially at lunch time. It is fun to be here on weekends as you can enjoy dance shows b belly dancers and also Indian folk.

Clay pit and All India café are another two perfect places or the people who have lower budget for dining out. These places can offer you the main course in less than $15. Clay pit is known for the amazing food although it is simple place when we talk about the décor. During the lunch hours you would find too much of crowd here but do not worry you will still be attended well.  On Saturdays you would find it open only in the evening. All India café has Indian looks and the taste is also completely Indian. Indian breads are very good here.

Bombay place is one of the places where you can experience the tastes of Indian cosmopolitan culture. In fact to see what you can get to eat here you can visit their website. You would not mind paying a little more what you eat here.

Best Indian food Los Angeles can be more searched for on Google. You can try visiting the websites of these restaurants. A quick contact list is in the table below for your handy use. You may use it to make bookings before you go there.

Name of the restaurant Phone number URL
Chakra Cuisine 310-246-3999
Bombay Palace 310-659-9944
All India Cafe 626-440-0309
Clay Pit 310-476-4700 Not available
Radhika’s 626-744-0994
Addi’s Tandoor 310-540-1616
Gate of India 310-656-1664
Nawab of India 310-829-1106
Chakra Cuisine 310-246-3999
Bombay Palace 310-659-9944

The popular links to find best Indian food Los Angeles are:

To find more about the restaurant serving best Indian food in Los Angeles you can use the links and also read in detail about everything offered by them You can also read customer’s reviews that can help you in choosing best Indian food Los Angeles.

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