Bharat gas online booking

Bharat Gas is a customer service oriented gas service that takes care of the needs of customers well. It offers various ways on how a customer can book his gas cylinder. One of the many ways is the Bharat gas online booking. The procedure of how you can book your Bharat gas online is given below.

Bharat gas online booking procedure

The official site of Bharat gas must be visited in order to book a gas cylinder online for a refill or a new one. Just follow these steps and you will be done in no time.

  • Log on to
  • Register yourself at the online customer service to get your registration id which is also called the username and the password.
  • This login id and password is used to access all the information regarding your booking of gas cylinders. The interface provides you with the history of orders placed.
  • As you are done with your account registration, place the order of the refill on the site as per the steps and guidelines given there.
  • In the form you need to fill in the date and time whenever the customer wishes to receive his/her gas cylinder.
  • Please note that the prior order and current order must have a 21 days gap between them.
  • A reminder service is also provided by Bharat gas for the customers. Through this service Bharat gas reminds its customers time to time about the reminder of the matter the customer has registered himself with.

After the existing customer is done with this procedure, as per the choice of the date and time chosen by the customer, he/she will receive their gas cylinder.

In case of a new connection, after following the above mentioned procedures, the customer is required to wait for response from Bharat gas. On the response from a representative of Bharat gas the customer will be asked to pick the nearest choice. The customer is then required to submit all the necessary documents to complete the procedure and get his new gas cylinder.

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    Dear Mr.Munish,

    The procedure of ‘Bharat gas online boking’ posted by you was very useful. I have followed it and booked my cylinder online for the first time. Surprisingly, they have not mentioned and tentative date of supply for us to plan. – don’t you agree?

    I heard that HP gas has option of phone booking with facility of giving tentative date of supply.

    Srinivas T.

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