Bishop Cotton School Bangalore

Bishop Cotton School, Bangalore is divided into two separate schools, one for boys and the other for girls.

Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, Bangalore is one of the best schools of education in India. The school, spreading over 14 acres of land, facilitates boarding with all amenities for outstation scholars. The school is till class 12th and the curriculum sets students’ base to be strong and ready for future challenges.

The fundamentals of the students are made clear and the proficient teachers work hard towards making each subject they study, interesting and easy. At Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, a whole culture of excellence, discipline and all-round development is existent. Also known as ‘Eton of the East’ Bishop Cotton Boys’ School has a sister school called the Bishop Cotton Girls’ High School in Bangalore itself across the street where its counter part is located.

History of Bishop Cotton School, Bangalore

An all boys’ school, Bishop Cotton Boys’ School was named after an Army Captain and Assistant Master at Rugby of British Public School System, Sir Bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton. The schools history dates back to the times we were tied down by the shackles of slavery to the British.

The starter of the school was Rev. S.T Pettigrew, who was the Chaplain at St. Mark’s Church. His vision was to educate European and Anglo-Indian children. Later on Rev. G.U. Pope gave a motto for the both Bishop Cotton Boys’ and Girls’ Schools – ‘Nec Dextrorsum Nec Sinistrorsum’ meaning ‘Neither to the Right Nor to the Left’. The motto is in the Latin language and the Cottonians still follow it.

Bishop Cotton Girls’ school, Bangalore shares the same history as its brother concern. It got split from its original source the Bishop Cotton Boys’ School in the 19th century due to the conservative thinking prevalent in those times. Since then it has been functioning independently. Bishop Cotton Girls’ School provides scholarships to the less privileged students to promote the literacy level in India.

Fee structure of Bishop Cotton School, Bangalore

The fee structure for both Bishop Cotton Boys’ and Girls’ School is around Rs. 30000 for day scholars and around Rs. 1,50,000 for boarders. Whereas please note that the fee structure is not fixed and it is revised every year. For more information visit and or for direct contact call on the numbers mentioned below

Contact Information of Bishop Cotton Boys’ and Girls’ School, Bangalore

Address:  Bishop Cotton School, St. Mark’s Road, Bangalore – 560001

For queries related to fee structure, hostel facility and admission dates 


Phone No: 080-22213608/3835, 22272870/3253/3365 (Boys’)


Phone No: 080-22210268, 22213083 (Girls’)


The address will be mentioned as Bishop Cotton Boys school or Bishop Cotton Girl’ School, whichever is required. All the contact information mentioned above is common for both the schools except the phone number.

Academics at Bishop Cotton School Bangalore

The school is affiliated to the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) board.

The students of 10th standard have to appear for this examination and the students of standard 12th have to appear for the Indian School Certificate (ISC) board examinations.

Houses at Bishop Cotton School

The Houses are a commonly noticed aspect in most of the schools in India and Bishop Cotton School, Bangalore is no different. Each House in the school has a leader called the ‘Captain’, who looks after the House’s welfare and conducts all activities related to the House. The Houses in Bishop Cotton School for both boys and girls are as follows

  1. Pettigrew House
  2. Pakenham- Walsh House
  3. Ephick House
  4. Pope House
  5. Thomas House

All the students get divided into various Houses and work for them.

Extra Curricular Activities at Bishop Cotton School

Apart from studies students of Bishop Cotton Boys’ and Girls’ School, Bangalore also take part in various activities. For example,

  • Cultural programs
  • Annual functions
  • Quizzes
  • Debates
  • Elocution competitions
  • Swimming
  • Theatre
  • Music
  • Spelling Bee etc.

Alumni of Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, Bangalore

Some of the esteemed alumni of Bishop Cotton Boys’ School are as follows

  1. Dr. Raja Ramanna
  2. General K.S Thimayya
  3. His Highness Nawab Saiyid Gholam Ali Khan Bahadur
  4. Mr. Vijay Kirloskar
  5. Mr. Feroz Khan
  6. Mr. Lucky Ali
  7. VJ Nikhil Chinappa

Alumni of Bishop Cotton Girls’ School, Bangalore

  1. Ms. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
  2. Ms. Jayalalitha
  3. Ms. Nafisa Joseph
  4. Ms. Diana Hayden

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