Bitter taste in mouth

Bitter taste in mouth is not an uncommon problem. Many people suffer from lingering bitter taste in mouth that is quite irritating most of the times. It makes one insensitive to other tastes except the bitter taste.

Having such a bad taste can also lead to loss of desire to have food. The unpleasantness in the mouth is quite disgusting and can worsen if not cured. There are many reasons why a person would develop bitter taste in mouth. They are discussed in the next section.

Reasons for bitter taste in mouth

The reasons for the bitter taste in mouth are given below.

Dental problems

Certain dental problems create that bitter taste in mouth which is unrelenting. Problems such as gum infections and diseases, pyorrhoea, gingivitis and tooth abscesses are some of the major dental problems responsible for the bitter taste. Dental fillings and ulcers too sometimes become the reason for this problem.


Many medicines when consumed leave a bitter taste in mouth which never seems to go away. If you are under medications such as anti-depressant, prenatal vitamins, folic acid medication, antibiotics or medicines related to pregnancy then you are bound to develop the problem of bitter taste in mouth.


People who suffer from ill health automatically develop the bitter taste in mouth partly because of the medications and partly as they just not feel well. Illnesses such as diabetes, liver or kidney failure, jaundice, cancer or even viral fever develop that bitter taste.

Poor oral hygiene

This is something that is the most common reason for all the people who suffer from bitter taste in mouth. It is very important to brush teeth twice a day and clean the tongue too. It is even better if you clean your tongue every time you consume your meals. Using mouthwashes and mouth fresheners also helps a great deal in getting rid of the bitter taste in mouth.

Metal poisoning

There are certain metal poisonings such as copper toxicity, lead toxicity and mercury poisoning that lead to the metallic taste in mouth and thus the bitter taste too.

Hormonal imbalance

Changes in oestrogen levels in women lead to bitter taste in mouth. This happens mostly in pregnancy.

Acid reflux sickness

This problem is also called Gastro Oesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). It is a major reason for the bitter taste in mouth. When the digestion takes place certain acids and juices are produced in the stomach that get pushed upwards in the throat making them settle down there. This process is called Acid Reflux Sickness and it creates the bitter taste in mouth. This problem can happen due to reasons such as over eating, consuming fatty and spicy food, eating in a hurry etc. The symptoms of this problem include indigestion, bitter taste in mouth, bloating, gastric problem, acidity, bad breath and even headache.

Other causes for bitter taste in mouth

There are some other reasons why bitter taste in mouth might develop. They are

  • Surgery in ear, nose or throat
  • Infection in ear
  • Radiation treatment of cancer in neck or head
  • Contact with certain chemicals

Treatment for bitter taste in mouth

The remedies to overcome the bitter taste in mouth are given below.

  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Rinsing mouth with plain water or mouthwashes after drinking or consuming anything
  • Brushing teeth twice a day and cleaning the tongue too
  • Quit smoking and drinking habits
  • Gargle with warm water and salt
  • Chewing fresh mint and mouth fresheners
  • Rinsing mouth with lemon juice, salt and water decoction twice a day.
  • Chewing cloves or cardamom
  • Consuming fresh fruits, vegetables and a balanced diet to avoid any digestive system problems and thus giving less chanced for the bitter taste in mouth to develop.

2 comments to Bitter taste in mouth

  • Jessie Sayyed

    When food is taken in as part of the digestive process, it will normally pass from the mouth to the throat, and then into the esophagus in order to pass to the stomach before it moves on to the intestines. At the opening that lies between the stomach and the esophagus is a small ring known as the lower esophageal sphincter, or LES. The LES functions to close off to prevent stomach acid from rising up. When it fails to operate properly, acid reflux is the result.There can be many causes for this to happen to someone.

  • Manish bhardwaj

    Thanks hope it works I am suffering from viral fever but even my mom made me consume medicines including parental vitamin and paracetamol and other syrups I think that medecines are the problem cuz when I started to take medicines the it started

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