Chevrolet Beat diesel mileage

The Chevrolet Beat diesel has been recently launched and has already picked up great popularity. The advertising and marketing of this car even before it was launched was done in a big way! The advertisement being aired on television before its launch created a great interest and curiosity among all the prospective buyers and audience.

Already the petrol version of the Chevrolet Beat had created great reviews and with the launch of the diesel variants, this car gained more popularity than ever before. The Chevrolet Beat diesel is available in some great colour options making the buyer even more confused as all look great on the car. So let’s go through the next section that discusses the reviews of Chevrolet Beat diesel’s mileage, performance and engine.

Chevrolet Beat diesel mileage reviews

Indianauto [dot] info says that the Chevrolet Beat diesel is powered by a three cylinder, 936 cc CRDi 1.0 litre diesel engine. It produces maximum power of 58.5 Bhp and maximum torque of 150 Nm. The DOHC engine is responsible for the reduced noise and air pollution. The car gives effortless driving, security, better handling and comfort. The interiors too are done up in a great way. The dashboard has blue LED illumination and features such as automatic air conditioner, internally adjustable RM, ABS, dual air bags, tilt and adjust steering wheel, foldable back seats, central locking, USB connectivity four speaker audio system and rear defogger and wiper are facilitated in Chevrolet Beat diesel. The mileage given by the Chevrolet Beat diesel is very good too. it is 24 kilometres per litre as promised by General Motors.

Autoplugged [dot] in opines that the Chevrolet Beat diesel, the latest by General Motors will change the face of hatchback diesel cars in India. It seems to be a very promising car and can change the fortune of General Motors too. Priced very competitively, it has got a 936 cc 3 cylinder diesel engine that is going to give its competitors a run for their money. Just like its petrol counterpart it is going to do very well for itself. The biggest USP of Chevrolet Beat diesel is its mileage. It promises a mileage of 24 kilometres per litre according to General Motors.

Gandgetnews [dot] in states that 1.0 litre, 983 cc diesel engine develops a maximum power of 53 bhp at 4000 rpm and maximum torque of 150 Nm at 1750 rpm. There is a 5 speed manual transmission gearbox and an electronic power steering given in the car. The front suspension is McPherson strut type with Anti-Roll bar. The rear suspension is compound crank type. The front brake is disc and the rear drum type. The size of the tyres is 155/70 R14 and the fuel tank is 35 litres capacitated. With many enviable features the Chevrolet Beat diesel stands strong. Features such as internally adjusting outside mirrors, tubeless tyres, integrated rear spoiler, central locking, height adjustable front head restraints, body coloured door handles and mirrors and alloy wheels add to the desirability factor of the car. The mileage given by Chevrolet Beat diesel is 20.5 kilometres per litre within the city and 24 kilometres per litre on the highway.

Chevrolet Beat diesel mileage: The final verdict

The compact and smart looking Chevrolet Beat diesel is a cakewalk to drive. It’s comfortable, smooth and noiseless and gives great mileage too. It has left behind many biggies in its mileage. The mileage given by Chevrolet Beat diesel is between 24 to 24 kilometres per litre of diesel which is superb.

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