All about Clever bot human created chat interface

Clever bot is a computer program capable of replying to chat questions asked by humans. In other words we can say clever bot uses artificial intelligence, it learns from whatever people ask and revises its answers accordingly. It responds to anything people like viz songs, jokes, general chat, technology or any other stuff.

So clever bot is an entertainment program created by humans so its answers are not to be taken seriously and may not be logical. Clever bot is for fun purpose only and not otherwise.

Clever bot has gained enormous popularity on the internet and people chat and converse with it for hours and some say the answers are more intelligent then they think considering it to be in conversation with a human being, but is not more than a software.

You can find clever bot conversations at its website named The interface is clean and resembles like but when you enter a keyword it gives and answer instead of search results as given by google.

The buttons below the search bar are “think about it” “thing for thoughts “and” me so far”

Clever bot app for iphone and ipad

Clever bot creators have also created a clever bot application for mobile phones typically iPhone and iPod Touch. It had added features like shade selection , background change. Option to Return to where you left off or start a new conversation. With the bot again. The Cleverbot chat is unlimited on this and also has no ads. But all this comes at a price but not to heavy on your pocket. The application costs just 99c US, 79c in Europe or 59p in the UK.

Now ready for this new entertainment on the Internet, visit the clever bot website on the link below to start the clever bot chat

Click here to start using cleverbot on

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