DPS Schools in Gurgaon

Constructed in among the most posh localities of Gurgaon are the two branches of the very famous Delhi Public Schools.

Both the DPS are affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. Speaking of the architecture of the two branches, they are beautifully constructed amidst nature’s greenery and are spread over a good vast area giving scope for students to play and indulge in many kinds of co-curricular activities.

DPS boasts of well trained teachers and instructors holding aloft the schools’ names. They keep the classes interactive and allow students to question and clear their doubts. DPS schools in Gurgaon believe in providing holistic education under dynamic guidance of the teachers and the able principal. DPS nurtures children in academics and life skills making them well integrated individuals with a spirit of enquiry, challenging old theories and paving ways for their novel ideas of development and progress.

Cultural Events and co-curricular activities at DPS schools in Gurgaon

Emphasis doesn’t only lie on academics in DPS Schools in Gurgaon but also on cultural activities, sports and co-curricular events. The schools hold many festivals and events offering youth awards to performers and winners. They ensure that sports is given its due importance because it is believed by them that sports inculcate a feeling of team spirit, group work, sportsmanship and a sense of responsibility and accountability. DPS schools in Gurgaon truly make children believe in determination, hard work, perseverance and discipline.

DPS Schools in Gurgaon annually hold maths, science and cyber Olympiads and many students shine bright every year. Inter DPS sports, debate and music competitions too take place every year.

The assemblies taking place every day is not a mere ritual but is made interactive and students are given opportunity to make announcements, speak on informative topics, read out news and deliver thoughtful short speeches. Hence the assemblies are interactive and interesting for students.

Many programs like foreign exchange programs, creative programs, annual programs, sports day, trips and excursions, seminars and workshops, exhibition and many other social and cultural programs keep happening at DPS schools in Gurgaon.

An initiative called ‘Shiksha Kendra’ has also been taken where the under privileged children are provided educational and academic assistance by the students of DPS.

Facilities at DPS Schools in Gurgaon

DPS schools in Gurgaon can boast of physics, chemistry, biology, maths and languages labs with the system of smart classes attended by all students in an academic year.

The classrooms are airy and quite spacious and students are not accommodated in large numbers.

Transportation facilities provided by the schools are flawless and pick up students from far away places too. The transportation is organised and systematic.

Medical assistance is also given in the schools’ campuses, in case, any student falls sick.

Fees and admissions at DPS schools in Gurgaon

New admissions in DPS schools are accepted till the month of March and no new admissions are done in classes 10th and 12th. Fees for up to class 10th are approximately Rs 2997 and of Classes 11th and 12th are approximately Rs 3072 per month.

Contact Information of the DPS Schools in Gurgaon

Delhi Public School

B-Block, Phase-1, Gurgaon

Ph- 0124-4041221/41, Email- infor@dpssl.net , Website- www.dpssl.net

Delhi Public School

Site no.1, Sector-45, Urban Estate, Gurgaon

Ph- 0124-4041331, Website- www.dpsgurgaon.com

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