Diabetes symptoms in women

The symptoms of diabetes are almost the same in both men and women but there are a few ones that are only seen in women.

The signs and symptoms of diabetes in women are given below.

Rapid weight loss is the most prominent sign of a woman affected with Type 1 diabetes. This happens because the body loses its capability to use all the calories consumed, no matter if the person is following a healthy diet pattern. Without much physical exertion or labor the woman starts to lose weight in this case.

In both type of diabetes the need to go to the washroom increases to a great extent. Frequent urination may keep her up at night. This happens because the body tries to ward off the extra sugar from the body through urine.

Excessive urination not only leads to throwing off extra sugar from the body but also leads to flushing out lot of water too from the body. This may leave the person feeling dehydrated. This is the reason why thirst and urination both occur simultaneously. This is one of the major symptoms of diabetes in women.

If a woman is suffering from Type 2 diabetes the most common and prominent symptom is excessive eating also called polyphagia. When a person is suffering from this type of diabetes the body produces too much insulin. The basic work of insulin in the body is stimulating hunger. This can lead to women becoming overweight too.

One of the other common symptoms of diabetes in women is occurrence of skin infections. Vaginal yeast infection is also a common symptom of diabetes. Urinary tract infections start taking place frequently too.

Sexual dysfunction is also something which is commonly observed in women as a symptom of diabetes. It is believed that women affected with diabetes experience pain and discomfort while indulging in intercourse. Reduced vaginal sensitivity and inability to achieve orgasm is also commonly observed. Vaginal lubrication too reduces in diabetic women.

Apart form such physical symptoms some psychological symptoms too are observed in women affected with diabetes. They experience lethargy, irritability and unexplained mood swings.

In some cases when pregnant women suffer from high blood pressure, this may be a symptom of gestational diabetes.

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