Difference between LCD and LED

LED is a short form of light emitting diode which is considered as the latest technology of televisions. Or you can say that it is an advanced new version of LCD. Instead of cold cathode fluorescent lamps which are used in LCD’s, light emitting diode are used in all LED’s.

LCD’s stands for liquid crystal display. LCD’s are made to replace old version CRT technology televisions. LCD’s are sleek and slim which can be hanged anywhere easily.

However, LCD’s and LED’s are same as liquid crystal display are used by both but there are many other differences like in the backlights, video playback, contrast, viewing angles, coo accuracy, sizes and power consumption.


If we talk about the backlight, LED’s have two back lighting i.e. local dimming and edge lighting. Local dimming is used in dark areas to lower the amount of backlighting and for a better picture quality in bright areas. Edge lighting helps in the thin construction which is present around the edge of the panel.

LCD’s have two polarized layers of glass which are being held in one of the layers and stuck together with the liquid crystals. In order to produce the images, lights are blocked by the layers of glass when the electric current passes through these crystals. At the back of the screen, CCFL presents from where the light comes.


There is not that much difference in both displays but when we talk about white LED’s backlights then LED’s display the quality image in realistic color as it has RGB colored lights which affects the back light of LED”S TV.


The LED’s display has a good contrast ratio comparable to LCDs display. The most disadvantage of LCD’s display is, the backlight is blocked in order to have dark areas on the screen thereby twisting the crystals of display. This will reduce the contrast ratio. Black region on the screen is produced by the local dimming impact in the LED by decreasing the backlight behind the dark regions.

Viewing angles

Again LED’s have good viewing angles but the contrast ratios in images are diminished in LCD’s if the display is wider more than 30 degrees from the center.


Comparable to LCD’s, LED’s have overcome the motion lag problem. The playback video is much faster in LED’s and also in fast action videos, the blurring of the images does not occur.

Consumption of power

More power is consumed by the local dimming LED display comparable to LCD. So, it will be really economic to rift the gap between your awesome quality picture and the bill. But the LED’s will consume less power than LCD if the LED is edge light. Now days, many good companies like Philips, Sony and Samsung have good LED displays and the good part is both are suitable for long time use and both does not have a screen issue.


If we talk about the size then the LED display comes in 17 inch to 70 inch and LED display comes in 15 inch to 65 inch.

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