Eye problems in children due to high computer use

About 50 % of computer users go through from blurred vision headaches, eyestrain and some other visual symptoms due to continuously using of the computer.

This kind of pressure can also cause body fatigue and it can also decrease efficiency at work.

Nowadays, rather playing outside, children prefer playing inside their home on video games and PC games for hours, which causes suppressed vision in one eye, nearsightedness, reduced efficiency at work. Thus, many computer users also experience visual pressure due to poor lighting conditions, increase in the number and difficulty of essential eye movements and focusing skills and screen flicker rate. All of the symptoms can be reduced through an amalgamation of correcting posture, workstation conditions, eye exercises, nutritional supplementation and special anti-glare screens.

Computer visual pressure may have indirect and direct symptoms. The most direct symptom is eyestrain which is caused by badly arranged work stations, muscular strain and shifts in posture.

Computer stress symptoms

Some of the direct computer stress symptoms are blurred vision, irritated eyes, headaches, changes in glasses prescription, changes in color perception, often losing place when moving eyes between the screen and copy, occasional doubling of vision and complexity seeing clearly at a distance after protracted computer use. Some of the other computer stress symptoms are back pain, pain in arms, pain in wrist, pain in shoulders, shoulder or neck tension and lowered visual efficiency.

Exercises to get rid of eye problems caused by computer use

Now there are some of the exercises which you can do to get rid of computer eye problem. Near far focus is the very first exercise, which improves eye flexibility. Now there are some of the steps, which you have to follow. You should hold your thumb six inches from you nose, focus on your thumb, one deep breath should be taken and exhale slowly. Then focus on an object about 10 feet away and again take a deep breath and exhale slowly. You have to repeat this 15 times.

Second exercise which you can do is palming exercise which will help you in relaxing your eyes and also which will bring healthy energy to your eyes. Now there are some of the steps which you have to follow.

Firstly your hands should be rubbed until they feel warm then; your cupped hands should be placed over your closed hands. The fingers should be placed in a way that it should overlap and rest on the centre of your forehead.

For next 1-2 minutes, you should sit quietly with your hands over your eyes. The more you will get relax, the more darkness you will see with your eyes closed.

Third exercise, which you can do, is scanning. This exercise will also help you out in increasing the flexibility of your eyes. You should stand and sit at one end of a room then let your eyes scan around the edges of objects in the room like televisions, clocks, lights, doors and computers. You should continuing doing his exercise for two minutes and remember to breathe.

These are the some simple exercises, which you can do, to get rid of eye problem that occur due to computer.

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