Father Agnel School Noida

Father Agnel School, with the motto of ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’, is run by Catholic Priests and Brothers of the society of St. Francis Xavier. The school is known for their excellence, efficiency and dedication towards imparting education. The entire foundation of their education is based on Jesus Christ’s teachings. Hence they focus mainly on character building, inculcating a sense of tolerance and brotherhood among the students. Their administration is transparent and keeping clear to all parents. Being a catholic schools too they keep no biases among students and students of all religion come to gain knowledge. They provide personal care and attention to each student making him/her feel valued. Even though they follow the traditional teachings of Jesus Christ, their vision is futuristic and they believe in keeping the students abreast with science and technology.

Facilities provided by Fr. Agnel School Noida

  • Transportation to many areas
  • Sports playground
  • Art and Craft
  • Music and Dance
  • Training in karate and skating and other kinds of hobby workshops
  • Day Boarding
  • Computer Lab
  • Science lab

Curriculum at Fr. Agnel School

The school is affiliated to CBSE and likewise the curriculum is followed like any other CBSE school.

Admission and Fee structure of Father Agnel School

A non refundable fee of Rs 10,000 for enrolment of a new student is to be paid. Tuition fee for classes 1-10 is Rs 1100 and for commerce class 11th students is Rs 1200 and class 12th science students have to a pay fee of Rs 1400 per month.

Fr Agnel School’s Uniform


Summer Uniform

  • Peacock blue shorts and oxford blue coloured half sleeved shirts
  • Black shoes with laces
  • Grey socks
  • School belt

Winter Uniform

  • Ash grey woollen pants
  • Full sleeved oxford blue shirts
  • Persian blue sweater
  • Air force blue blazers


Summer Uniform

  • Peacock blue skirt and shirt same as boys.
  • Girls black school shoes
  • Grey sock
  • School belt

Winter Uniform

  • Same as boys

Contact Information of Father Agnel School

Fr Agnel School, Plot no2&3, institutional area, sector-62, Noida

Ph: 0120-2400068, Website: www.fasnoida.org

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