Food rich in protein

Protein is considered as a very important nutrient which is really essential for our health. To body builders and athletes, those diets which are rich in proteins are advised. A protein helps our body to grow skin, hair, nails and internal organs. People who want to lose their weight are also recommended to have high protein diet. Though protein is very good for our health but still it has been said by some of the researchers that consuming too much of protein can cause stroke, osteoporosis, heart disease and kidney stones.

When you go out in the market to purchase protein food, you can check the percentage for protein. Different brand have different information.

You must be thinking what are the functions of protein in our body?

Protein plays a vital role for a variety of functions like repair of body tissue, proper functioning of antibodies that resist infection, growth of body tissue, red blood cells and regulation of enzymes and hormones.

Deficiency of proteins in our body

It is said that proteins are very much important to our health. So, there will be deficiency of protein in your body due to stress, hemorrhage, prolonged illness, surgery, wounds. It may also affect the tissue development and growth of the nail, skin and hair.

Here is the list of foods which are rich in protein for vegan, non-vegan and athletes:

Fresh and raw egg whites, dried seaweed, soy sauce, raw pumpkin leaves, drained and properly cooked leafy tips and cowpeas, dry cheese, cottage cheese, non-creamed cheese, non-fat cheese, walnuts, almonds and cashew nuts.

Here is the list of animal and plant based food rich in proteins


If you are non vegetarian then you should eat beef, liver, pork. In white meat you can eat fish and chicken.

Dairy products

Dairy products are best to have anytime you feel like drinking or eating. Egg whites are very beneficial. In different types of cheese you can have parmesan cheese, brie cheese, camembert and mozzarella cheese which comes in a category of soft cheeses. Cottage cheese, Swiss cheese and cheddar cheese along with yogurt will be a good diet. Drinking milk everyday twice will be very good for your health along with eggs.

Legumes, cereals and food grains

Legumes are dried beans which are a good source of protein. Some of the dried beans are kidney beans, haricot beans, chickpeas and lentils. There will be a good muscle building if you eat cooked grains which are an excellent source of protein.

Seeds and nuts

It has been said that, Seeds and nuts have been the best source of protein from years. Raw, roasted and chopped Peanuts, walnuts almonds and cashew nuts can be served which is really good for health.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruit salad can be made in the breakfast time. In the lunch and dinner time, vegetable salad can be made. Fruits and vegetables not only make you healthy and fit but also it makes your skin healthier. Having green vegetables in the dinner time will be good.

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