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Foods rich in vitamin c

Vitamin c is a water soluble and important anti-oxidant which is also called as Ascorbic acid. It should be taken every day. Many fruits and vegetables contain vitamin c so one thing which should be kept in mind that all the vegetables should be cooked carefully as vitamin c can be lost in that liquid in which all the vegetables are cooked.

Vitamin c is very important for connective tissue which is found in bone, blood vessels, skin and ligaments and also it is equally important for the production of collagen. But having too much of vitamin c can cause kidney stones and diarrhea.

There are many different functions performed by Vitamin c to our body

It strengthens the blood vessels, it helps the body to fight against the infection, it prevents anemia thereby aiding the absorption of iron, it repairs and maintains the body tissue, it helps in making the teeth and bones strong, it lowers the levels of blood cholesterol and it protects cells from free radicals which may damage the cell membrane.

Here is the top food list of fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin c

Bell peppers

It would be really good for your health if you add raw organic red bell peppers to your diet. Bell peppers are a good source of vitamin c.

Broccoli and Brussels sprouts

Broccoli is a green vegetable which is an excellent source of vitamin c but if it is over cooked then it loses its nutrients. Brussels sprouts are like mini cabbages which contains vitamin c and many other nutrients.

Kale and peaches

Again, kale is a good green vegetable which contains vitamin c so you can add this to your dish in the dinner. Peaches is also an excellent source of vitamin c so whenever you want to purchase peaches, just buy the fresh peaches in the market.

Potatoes and oranges

Though potatoes are considered as a healthy food but it contains low amount of vitamins and other minerals too. It is also not very much expensive and it is easy to prepare too. So, you can add a potato dish to your lunch and dinner. Oranges contains large amount of vitamin c and is a common breakfast food. Citrus fruits are an excellent source of vitamin c and other minerals. So, having citrus fruits whole will be very healthy for your body and also salad can be made in breakfast and in the snacks time.

Papaya and rose hip extracts

Though you will not find papaya in every part of the world but this island fruit contains large amount of vitamin c. It is a very good source of vitamin c so you can make a papaya salad in the morning and evening time.

Strawberries and tomato

Tomatoes contains little vitamin c but it can be added to sandwiches. Although Strawberries comes in seasonal fruits but they are a good source of vitamin c which is used in desserts, salads and in many dishes. To get nutritional effect and a good taste, berries should be used fresh.

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