Foods rich in vitamin d

Vitamin d is called sunshine vitamin as we are able to absorb it through the exposure from the sun. Vitamin d can be produced by us. Having too much of vitamin d is also very harmful as it can cause skin cancer. So, avoid standing in the sun for hours. And in the winter time, it is hard to get enough of vitamin d so we can get it in our food. Though it is really hard to find those foods which contain vitamin d, but fish liver oils and fatty fish are among the best sources of vitamin d.

The other sources contains very little amount of vitamin d. Also, if you want to know which items and foods contains vitamin d, you can check it on the labels of the things that you purchase from the market like cheese, cereals and corn flakes.

Functions of vitamin d in our body

The main function of vitamin d is to build healthy teeth and bones along with phosphorus and calcium. Vitamin d also helps in maintaining correct blood level in our body. Vitamin d is very important for children as it helps for the delayed growth of teeth and bones. It is very essential for children to get vitamin d. Other functions of vitamin d are it relieves conjunctivitis and it also helps our eyes to get a clear vision. It releases energy in our body and it is said that deficiency of vitamin d can cause sluggishness.

As above, it has been said that in very few foods, vitamin d is found, so it is very important to consume those foods which contains vitamin d .To stay away from all health problems and to live a healthy life, intake of vitamin d rich foods is essential.

So, here are the foods that are rich in vitamin d

Dairy products

Though dairy products contain low amount of vitamin d but still milk and eggs are considered the best source of vitamin d. Just a glass of milk will not help adults and children; in fact you should also eat those foods rich in vitamin d. But yes, adding 2 glasses of milk will work well every day as milk is the primary source of vitamin d. Similarly having eggs everyday will make you stay healthy. Ice cream is also a good source of vitamin d.

Cod liver oil

Cod liver oil is an excellent source of vitamin d. Along with it, you should also have shark oil and halibut oil. These 3 oils contains high amount of vitamin d.

Fishes and cheese

Fishes are not only a good source of vitamin d but also of other minerals .Salmon, mackerel and sardines have high amount of vitamin d. You can also eat tuna fish but it does not contain large amount of vitamin d. Margarine, cheeses and yogurt are also good to have.

Cereals and vegetables

Adding mashed potatoes and dark leafy vegetables to your dinner diet will keep you healthy though it contains small amount of vitamin d. In the breakfast, having corn flakes and cereals is excellent as it contains large amount of vitamin d.

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