Godrej Refrigerator Customer Care

The customer care is always present to look after the needs and demands of the customers. It’s a special service rendered on behalf of the company.

The Godrej customer care number can prove beneficiary to the customers, if they want to inquire about purchasing a new Godrej Refrigerator or looking for a replacement of an older model at a discount price, etc.

Godrej Refrigerator Customer Care Contact Information

The Godrej Customer Care number is accessible by customers residing anywhere inIndia.

Contact numbers are – +91 22 6796 5656 / 5959, +91 22 6796 1700 / 1800.

The Godrej Refrigerator Toll free number

1800 209 5511, 1860 3000 2030(for all subscribers), 1800 225511(only for MTNL/BSNL Landline)

The customers can also contact and send all their queries via email. They need to send in their mails at -smartcare@godrej.com.

Furthermore, the customers can log in at the official website of godrej and look for all the attractive refrigerator models that are on display. They can choose from a wide array of fridges and select the best one. The website address is www.new.godrej.com

Godrej online service locator

With the help of Godrej online service locator, all the customer problems can be addressed within a minute. It’s a unique smart service scheme introduced by Godrej, which is designed to deliver the utmost customer satisfaction and to ensure reliable, cost effective service to the appliances. The Service van of the company with trained technicians moves around the cities, which respond to immediate complaints lodged by the customers.

The web address of Godrej Online Service Locator: www.godrejefacec.com

The customers just need to log in here and select the city of their residence, and they will be directed to a list of service providers, including their complete contact details.

Godrej Appliance Protection Plan

The customer care can also help to provide extra benefits that are outside the purchase scheme. This may include providing the ‘Appliance Protection Plan’. This is a special guarantee cover that extends over the appliances. The customers can opt for a further renewal from the customer care centres if their appliances are out of the guarantee cover. Again, they can also alter the guarantee covers and adjust it according to their wish depending on the maximum benefits derived.

The appliance protection plan helps the customers to reduce their tension, as they would feel free to entrust the responsibility of their appliances with the company, at a minimum price of Rs. 60 per month. This in turn keeps the appliances in the best shape as the godrej technicians go for a routine check up, which makes the machine perform better and have a longer life. Moreover, the electricity expenses are also reduced as it is usually seen that an old machine consumes more power.

The customers can check the different plans that are available. They can select the best plan as per their requirements, their budget and their choice. The appliance plan is available for Godrej Refrigerator, Godrej Washing Machine, Godrej Air Conditioner and Godrej Micro oven.

After they have chosen the best plan for their appliance the customers can easily apply for it. It is very easy to apply. All you need to do is just log in at the website godrej.com and fill in the necessary details to get the service. Or just mail at smartcare@godrej.com

The customer service is there to look after the individual complaints, grievances of the customers. And Godrej customer care does that precisely, in a good and systematic manner.

2 comments to Godrej Refrigerator Customer Care

  • mahesh arya

    this is suresh arya from indore with mobile no 9826058445 had purchased godrej refrigerator on 12/05/2011 with model no.19CX4 silver streak of 183l costing Rs 11099 by LOTUS ELECTRONICS , INDORE .from the day we have purchase godrej refrigerator this is my 5th complaint which is quiet irritating and this time the refrigerator start for one minute and then automatically get stop working even though main power is on not only this within last 3 month refrigerator light is also not working.
    so i immensly request u to plz go through problem if problem is not taken care this for the last time that i have requested and if not definetly i will send alegal notice through consumer court .so if u really fill that u give best service to u r customer plz resolve problem as fast as u can.

    suresh arya

  • Godrej Appliances

    Dear mahesh arya,

    Your complaint has been closed as on January 2013.

    We hope you are satisfied with our service.

    If not, feel free to write into us at smartcare@godrej.com or call us on:
    1800-209-5511/1800 ? 225511.

    Godrej Appliances Team
    Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/GodrejAppliances
    Twitter – http://twitter.com/GodrejAppliance

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