Grass seed germination time

To know all about grass seed germination you need to know and understand all about it in detail so that the success of your lawn project is more probable. Many factors affect grass seed germination so all in not in your control, but with right procedure and continued care you can improvise the final result.

What is grass seed germination?

First let us start with understanding what exactly grass seed germination is. Grass seed germination is the growth process of the seed when it absorbs enough moisture to start sprouting. This process is regulated by the soil temperature. Once the germination process begins and if the weather changes drastically it could even result in your seed or sprout to die. It is hence very important to start off the process well in time. If the weather changes you must halt the process and restart it when it improves.

Requirements for grass seed germination

The factors that affect grass seed germination and are its basic requirements are given below.


Adequate moisture is the first and foremost thing the grass seed germination process requires. Too much or too little of moisture can hamper the growth process.


Soil temperatures affect the growth of the seed directly. In a cool weather the seed requires the temperature to range between 45 to 55 degree and in the warm season about 55 to 65 degrees.


As soon as the seed sprouts it requires enough oxygen for its growth process. More water than required hampers oxygen supply to a great extent, not letting the sprout to grow. So enough water ensures enough space for oxygen to pass through.


Below the ground the seed has limited resources so as soon as the sprout breaks it must get enough light for the photosynthesis process to start up and its growth to head on a required pace.

Grass seed germination time

Given below are the various grass types and their grass seed germination time.

Bentgrass- 10 to 15 days

Bermuda grass- 10 to 30 days

Bluegrass- 20 to 30 days

Buffalo grass- 14 to 28 days

Centipede grass- 14 to 21 days

Fescues grass- 7 to 15 days

Rye grass- 5 to 10 days

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  • Kari

    For a science fair experiment, I put Kentucky blue grass seed in a plastic bag with moist paper towels. I placed each bag in areas of my house with different amounts of light (from in a dark closet to a bedroom window.) On the 5th day of my experiment, all of the bags started to germinate.

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