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Hair care home remedies

As we take care of our skin, health and body similarly we must take proper care of our hair. Nourished and well cared for hair have a healthy glow and sheen in them that makes them look attractive. How we take care of our hair affects the growth rate of our hair too.

There are many hair scares like dandruff, roughness, frizziness, volume less ness, hair fall, hair greying etc. that develop due to lack of proper care of hair. Thus a strict hair care routine guarantees beautiful, healthy and stunning looking hair.

Hair care routine

The natural hair care routine must include oiling, shampooing, conditioning, drying and combing. It is very important to note that your hair must be combed well before washing. After washing your hair thoroughly with shampoo and then a conditioner it is important to let the hair dry naturally. Always remember to comb your hair after they are dried off completely. Wet hair break soon. Washing your hair every alternate day is ideal as pollution, dust and sweat make hair dirty and unhealthy. It is also very important to oil your hair at least twice a week. Oiling hair at night and then washing off in the morning is best. If that is not possible for you then oiling hair at least two hours before washing your hair will suffice the purpose. Conditioning your hair with a good conditioner best suited for your hair type is essential to maintain the sheen and beauty of the hair. Always remember to wear a scarf or anything else to cover your hair completely to protect them from pollution and dust as it puts adverse effects on the health of your hair.

Hair care home remedies

For natural hair care a few home remedies work best. They are given below.

  • Massage raw milk in your hair, just as you do with your hair oil. Wash off after an hour. This is a natural hair conditioner.
  • Consuming cashew nuts is considered very healthy for hair growth.
  • For healthy looking long hair, take thoroughly washed methi leaves, a few drops of lemon, salt to taste and black pepper. Boil them and churn them in your mixer. Drink this solution regularly and your will find your hair grow fast and long.
  • For shiny hair, rubbing coconut milk in your scalp is advised.
  • For getting rid of split heat olive oil and massage it well in your scalp and hair.
  • Applying a paste of curd, multani mitti and jiggery once every fifteen days before shampooing hair helps getting rid of dandruff.
  • For getting the right bounce and shine in hair applying a solution of apple cider vinegar and water works best.
  • For getting rid of tangled and frizzy hair, mix honey and two cups of fresh cream and apply the mixture in your hair. Practise this every few weeks for best results.
  • One tea spoon of castor, coconut oil and mustard must be mixed well and applied in your hair regularly to get rid of that stubborn dandruff.
  • Using natural hair care products like coconut hair oil, henna, lemon and shikakai help make hair healthy and shiny.
  • For good health of hair always have plenty of water, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Follow these simple natural hair care home remedies and see your hair become healthy, shiny and problem free.

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