Karizma ZMR Mileage

Hero Honda launched sometime back the revolutionary motorbike called the Karizma ZMR. As soon as its launch was announced, it created enough buzz in the bike market to make it highly coveted.

With its arrival in the market, many people were bowled over by its stunning looks and great design. It is one of the best looking bikes in the market today.

Karizma is available in five enticing shades which are pearl white, moon yellow, panther black, sports red and vibrant blue. As it has got a wide range of color choices, people can choose whichever color they like the most. Its price however is quite high not making it affordable to all the people. The latest change made in this bike is the addition of programmed fuel injection in the engine. This has given a good boost to the mileage of Karizma ZMR.

Hero Honda Karizma ZMR mileage reviews

Bikeadvice[dot]in gives this bike 5 out of 5 stars! They claim mileage of Karizma ZMR to be 36 kilometers per liter. The main positives highlighted by them are the handling/braking- clip ons with front and rear disc brakes of the bike, the RVMs, console, power delivery/engine refinement and full fairing. The not so good feature of this bike, according to them is the not so well shaped headlights for highway or night driving purposes.

Indianautosblog[dot]com feel the overall designing of the bike is just great. The best features of Karizma ZMR are real time mileage indicator, back angle sensor, better safety and slashing maintenance cost and maintenance free battery. The users of this website claim the mileage of the bike to be falling in the range of 40-50 kilometers per liter upon usage.

Automobilesupdates[dot]com feel the Hero Honda Karizma is extremely popular bike among the youth in the Indian two wheeler market. The new version of this bike is even more powerful which gives out enhanced mileage. The bike provides a maximum power of 17.6 bhp at 7000 rpm with a peak torque of 18.35 Nm at 6000 rpm. The hero honda  Karizma ZMR mileage comes out to be 40 to 50 kilometers per liter despite the 223 cc engine.

Mileage of Karizma ZMR: the final verdict

The mean machine by Hero Honda called the Karizma ZMR has dominated hugely the two wheeler market and made its way through the hearts of countless youngsters. The mileage of Karizma ZMR is quite good of about 35-45 kilometers per liter keeping in mind its high displacement engine. Karizma ZMR gives tough competition to other such high cc engine bikes, becoming the dream bike of the generation next.

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