Mileage of Hero Honda Pleasure

Hero Honda’s scooty Pleasure is quite popular among women. It does full justice to its tagline saying ‘Why should boys have all the fun?’

The scooty is designed in such a way that it gives utmost comfort to girls while driving. Pleasure is a light weight two wheeler with 102 cc displacement engine. The mileage of Pleasure is considered to be among its USPs. This scooty is available in many attractive shades like- burned orange, red, yellow, light purple, pearl silver, metallic blue, Tahitian blue, jet black and grey silver.

Hero Honda Pleasure mileage reviews

Automobileupdates[dot]com says Pleasure’s mileage goes up to a great 50 to 55 kilometers per liter. They say ‘The Hero Honda Pleasure sports some flashy colors and has enough features to make it a real head turner. The bike has a powerful engine and is designed to deliver exceptional comfort as well.’ They also claim that The Hero Honda Pleasure has bottom loaded with springs front suspension along with swing arm with spring rear suspension. The bike has internal expanding shoe type front and rear brake system. The weight of the bike is 104 kgs and it has a ground clearance of 125mm.

Infibeam[dot]com says that the mileage of Hero Honda Pleasure is believed to be 50+ kilometers per liter on road, the highest in its category with a beginner’s average of 40 kilometers per liter. This scooty comes with two years, 24000 kilometers warranty. They believe the electric and kick start work efficiently consuming less fuel to start up. Tuff up tubes too is economical vis-a-vis emergencies. They say the design and the body frame of the scooty is eyes catching.

Auto[dot]indiamart[dot]com user reviews clearly state that the mileage of the Hero Honda Pleasure scooty is not excellent and just average. It is about 35 kilometers per liter. However, they do believe that the scooty looks stylish and is very comfortable to drive and be seated on.

Living[dot]oneindia[dot]com says ‘The Hero Honda Pleasure is Hero Honda’s maiden venture into the burgeoning gear-less scooter market. The pleasure has schemed its strategies to be the best seller by concentrating much on the interest of young girls who love to rock the field of glamour, luxury and comfort. For more comfort during the ride, the scooter is designed with broader seat that offers greater riding comfort. Capacious luggage space, has been configured which, is large enough to keep even a helmet.’ They also say that the fuel economy or the mileage of Pleasure is around 35 to 40 kilometers per liter. They believe the price of this vehicle is quite overestimated keeping in mind that other scooties are available at 10 percent less price that it.

Mileage of Hero Honda Pleasure: the final verdict

The Hero Honda Pleasure is definitely an attractive looking girl’s bike that is equipped with many state of the art features and technologically advanced engineering that most of the gearless scooties in the market. The mileage of Pleasure according to us is around 35 to 45 kilometers per liter, pleasantly efficient according to its price. This scooty is every young girl’s loved vehicle and has flooded the market with positive expert and user reviews.

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