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Honda CB Twister mileage

Honda CB Twister is the new low budget high fuel efficiency motor bike in the Indian automobiles market. It has got some great features and striking looks to boast about. It is fast picking up popularity among many office goers as it is the ideal office commute. Design to run efficiently on the city road Honda CB Twister certainly makes heads turn.

This bike is available in five enticing colours. They are candy sonic green, pearl night black, pearl amber yellow, pearl fuji blue and pearl sienna red.

Honda Twister mileage reviews

Priceindia [dot] com says that Honda Twister has got a stylish and sharp design with a muscular fuel tank. V shaped alloy wheels, floating side cowl and half chain case add to its looks. Twister is powered by a 109 cc four stroke, air cooled, SI engine that develops maximum power of 9 PS at 8000 rpm and maximum torque of 9 Nm at 6000 rpm. The bike has got both self and kick start system. The front break is disc type and the rear drum type. The fuel tank capacity is of 8 litres. The mileage given by Honda Twister is up to 70 kilometres per litre.

Automobileupdates [dot] com says that the Honda CB Twister is designed keeping in mind the high end super bikes. On the whole the bike has an aggressive design and is quite stylish. The bike is also equipped with extremely unique features and has become quite popular in the market. The bike has an aerodynamic design and therefore gives an instant adrenaline rush to the rider. The bike has 35/35 halogen lamp. The instrument cluster of the bike is analogue and this may seem slightly outdated particularly when most bikes nowadays have digital as well as analogue instrument cluster. As far as its mileage goes it too is quite good. In the city Honda Twister delivers 55 kilometres per litre of mileage and on highways around 70 kilometres per litre of mileage.

Bikeadvice [dot] in says that the Honda’s new entrant in the commuter segment the CB Twister has it all. Looks, mileage, power and so on. Yes, the mill churns out 9 bhp which is pretty decent for a bike in its segment. So, you name it and the bike has it. This 110 cc beauty deceives all for what it can deliver. A perfect blend of style and substance integrated that totally gels with the modern day commuters. For the mileage, Honda CB Twister miles about 60 kilometres per litre in the city.

Honda CB Twister mileage: The final verdict

Honda CB Twister adds values to the Indian commuter bike market. The two most interesting features that set this bike apart from other bikes of its segment are its looks and mileage. This good looking bike gives mileage between 55 and 65 kilometres per litre. For daily commuters looking to buy a bike that has got beautiful looks and great fuel efficiency Honda Twister is the best choice.

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