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Honda CBR 250R mileage

Honda CBR 250R is the new sport bike on the bloc that has many expectations attached to it.

The youth of India are eyeing to get hands on this new mean machine. Its performance is superb and handling easy and comfortable. This is one bike that’s loaded with great features and has got enviable looks. The sporty structure of the bike supports with immense durability and great grip on the road.

Honda CBR 250R mileage reviews

Bikeadvice [dot] in says that Honda has introduced CBR 250R at more affordable price in India than South America and other nations. This bike has got a newly developed liquid cooled 250 cc four stroke valve single cylinder DOHC engine that gives a superb performance. The full cowl body presents a highly advanced design full of functional beauty. CBR 250R is agile and steady while handling and its sporty look adds to all its great features. For the first time in India a 250 cc bike has got a Combined ABS. This makes the bike more stable while braking and brings together a Combined Brake System (CBS) which is the front and rear wheel interlocking braking system and the Anti-lock Brake System. The mileage according to users as they report is between 25 to 35 kilometres per litre which is a sure thing in a high displacement engine bike.

Xprice [dot] in states that this new ABS features brings a while lot of novelty to the Indian two wheeler market. CBR 250R performs excellently and is comfortable and easy in handling. The slim and compact four stroke cylinder engine gives light weight and compact design to it. The low noise special silencer is good looking and for better visibility Y shaped headlight is given.  This sporty bike gives a mileage which is most expected of it. CBR 250R gives a mileage of about 25 kilometres per litre in city and up to 35 kilometres per litre on highways.

Yousaytoo [dot] com says that Honda CBR 250R has been a much awaited bike and after its launch all the hype created for it seems to be much deserved. With its ABS technology biking on Indian roads definitely becomes safer and smoother. Weighing 161 kilograms, this bike is no less that being called a mean machine. Its deadly looks and power packed performance is something to watch out for. The mileage given by this bike is fair enough which is abou7t 25 kilometres per litre in city and 35 kilometres per litre on highways.

Honda CBR 250R mileage: The final verdict

Honda CBR 250R is a stunning looking sporty bike that goes from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in flat 6.5 seconds making it to be a rather quick bike. It is available in three beautiful colours which are black, silver and red. The racing stripes added on its body give it a bold look. This bike is a true biker’s dream bike and with its multiple useful features it becomes all the more coveted. The mileage given by CBR 250R is between 25 to 35 kilometres per litre which is not bad at all keeping in mind its heavy duty engine. For bike enthusiasts, this bike is a must buy!

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