Mileage of Honda City

Honda City has captured the market since its launch quite well. It has many advocators in the market going all praise about the car.

Honda indeed has a winner in its hands with its sedan, City. Not only its engine and design has many lovers but its performance has not failed to impress many. This sedan is here to rule the city as well as the highway roads. Its strong engine displacement, chic exteriors and comfortable interiors are adored by all sedan lovers.

Honda city mileage review

Many of the car-reviewing websites have rated it almost the best in all of the sedans keeping in mind its design, engine and price affordability. Their reviews for Honda City’s mileage are as follows:

The official website of Honda which is has claimed the Mileage of Honda City to be 16.5 kilometers per liter according to the test results of Rule 115 of CMVR.

One of the leading websites of automobiles, zigwheels has given 5 stars to Honda City. says the upside of this sedan is its V-Tec engine, performance, alloy wheels, ABS and looks. This website had no downsides to quote for Honda City. They say they are “still looking!” According to them “the 3rd generation avatar of the Honda City is a formidable car and comes as an amazing VFM Package.” According to zigwheels comments on Honda city mileage, Honda City is capable of giving 14.0 kilometers per liter mileage on city roads.

Another leading automobile reviews website, also has got to say a lot of good things about Honda City including mileage of Honda city. According to them this car can give 14.00 kilometers per liter mileage on city roads and a great 18.00 kilometers per liter on highways. They have given 4 stars to the car they say is ‘refreshingly ahead’. also feels this car is here to stay. Regarding mileage of Honda city, according to them Honda City gives out a mileage of 14.0 kilometers per liter on city roads whereas a good 17.0 kilometers per liter on highways and expressways. They say the USP of the car is its spacious interiors, comfortable cabin and fuel efficient performance. When it comes to the cons of Honda City, they too say, “Not Found”. Eventually too comes out to believe Honda City is a great performer on roads.

So the Honda city mileage varies from 14 to 18 kilometers per liter of petrol, and therefore we can easily come to the conclusion that the average mileage of Honda city car is 16 kms per litre in a mix of city and highway driving.

6 comments to Honda City Mileage

  • Rajesh


    I am really surprised about the comments from zig wheels , autos & car dekho about Honda City delivering an average mileage of 16km/l.

    I drive a Honda City IVTEC, automatic transmission , 2010 model, which just delivers in an average about 11km/ltr without AC & about 9km/ltr with AC in a mix of city & highway driving.

    Is there something wrong with my vehicle. Please comment.

  • nischal

    its all fake hondA CITY V IS GIVING ONLY 12 TO 12.5 MILAGE ON AN AVERAGE.

  • Sheraz Gul

    Its true that Honda City gives you an excellant mileage
    i personally own it and it gives 14 km/ltr on city roads and around 19 to 20 km/ltr on highways

  • karunesh

    i have 2004 idsi model. on highway non-ac i get mileage of 17 kmpl easily.
    with AC 5 passengers, highway i get 14 kmpl
    city mileage is definately around 11 in ac
    worst figures are 8 kmpl in ac , city jamming etc drive

  • ankur chaukse

    hi .i have bought this car 2013 last month.its giving average of 13.3 in city with ac till now.its 1st service is over .i hope it will easily put 14 for me.

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