Honda Shine mileage

Honda Shine is one of the most successful bikes in the 125 cc engine category. Honda has paid special attention to the design and styling of the bike. Not many 125 cc bikes are found to be good looking but Shine makes an exception here. It has got great looks and correct body stance which gives comfort to the bike rider. Its Ergo Tec body styling steals the show away.

It is built on a light but advanced diamond frame and has got double suspension too. Its revolutionary four stroke, single cylinder, air cooled engine does a great job. Shine is available in five attractive shades. They are black with blue stripes, black with grey stripes, wild purple metallic, vibrant blue metallic and geny grey metallic.

Honda Shine mileage reviews

Priceindia [dot] com says the 125 cc Optimax engine powered Honda Shine has got a high torque at lower rotations per minute for a smooth riding experience. The Ergo Tec design is responsible for its easy handling and riding comfort. The handle bar and mirror and newly introduced in the bike and do make an impact. The tuff up tube makes sure there are less chances of the tyre getting punctured. Its main USPs are its maintenance free battery, viscous air filter and optional front disc brakes. They report its mileage to be 65 kilometre per litre when driven in best road and traffic conditions with perfect driving techniques.

Bikeadvice [dot] in says that bike isn’t sportiest of all but definitely makes an impact among its likes. The bike is specially designed for the office commuters and has plain yet neat looks. At low speeds the acceleration is fantastic but Shine starts to vibrate at a meagre 60 kilometres per hour speed. The mileage of Honda Shine is reported to be 50 kilometres per litre which is fair enough. If driving style is improvised the bike is capable of giving higher mileage too.

Surfindia [dot] com says the pros of owning this bike are acceleration, comfort and mileage whereas the cons are its strong vibrations at 60 kilometres per hour speed and lack of under-seat storage area. The multi mapping CDI with throttle sensor is given for proper ignition. The tumble flow combustion chamber helps giving a better fuel efficiency or mileage. They report its mileage to be 65 kilometre per litre. They say the design, strength and flexibility of the bike is not to be doubted. A comfortable ride is ensured by Honda Shine.

Honda Shine mileage: The final verdict

With a stylish design and great dynamics, Honda Shine is one of the bets bikes in the 125 cc engine segment. Its three step hydraulic suspension gives great comfort while riding on the city roads. The looks of Honda shine are decent and stylish. We can conclude by saying that the mileage of Honda Shine is the biggest USP of all. It gives around 50-55 kilometres per litre of mileage on city roads which is again quite efficient. For people looking to buy a simple yet stylish bike with a great mileage, Honda Shine is the bike for them.

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