How much water to drink in a day

Why water is essential

Water plays a very essential role for the functioning of body. Body temperature is controlled by water by letting it to sweat, it moves other substances and nutrients throughout the body and the waste is thrown out in the form of urine. Especially during summer, intake of water is very necessary to control the body temperature and to stay hydrated.

Liquid intake in the form of juices, yoghurt, and milk is also very good for our health but the best liquid is water which only helps in staying hydrated.

There are many function of water which should be known to everyone.

Water is the most important chemical component of the body which creates 60% of body weight. Every single functioning in our body is depend upon water such as the nutrients are carried away to our cells, a moist environment is provided for throat tissues ,nose and ear, toxins are flushed out of important organs etc.

Deficiency of water can cause dehydration.

Deficiency of water can cause dehydration. Dehydration means a condition comes when your body does not have that much water which requires performing different function for your body. It can also make you tired and you will feel stressed. And that stress will cause you more dehydration so it is better if you drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Drinking water will not only make you stay hydrated but also it is good for your skin. There are many advantages of water.

Now the question arises how much water to drink in a day?

The answers is not simple to this question that how much water we should intake in a day. According to experts it has been said that it depends upon many factors which also includes your health. Firstly, it is important to know about your body needs for fluids before knowing how much water we should drink in a day.

Secondly, as above it has been discussed that it depends upon many factors like climate, diet and size. However, to stay hydrated drinking at least 3-5 pints of cleaned natural water would be good enough. It is not necessary that you drink all the water in just one go.

If you are an athlete or a runner, then you should at least drink minimum 4 pints which is 2 liters and maximum 6 pints of water throughout the day.

Some of the important tips which can be followed

If you don’t have any habit of drinking water, then at least start drinking little water and slowly make a target of 2 liters to stay healthy and hydrated. And if suddenly you start drinking 2 liters of water everyday then you may feel ill as your body will release lots of toxins which will make you feel sick and unwell. Take small steps and then reach to the target. Avoiding taking sudden steps of drinking water in one go.

So, drink lots of water and stay healthy.

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