How to fix a toilet that won’t flush

Toilet that won’t flush is the major problem faced in toilet. Most toilet problems occur inside the tank as the moving parts are there inside the tank.

Some repairs are simple enough to be done by a layman but the other ones are sophisticated and need expert plumbers to fix a toilet that won’t flush. The first step towards fixing a toilet that don’t flush is diagnosing the problem and find out what is causing that problem. Analyse this and find out if you are suitable enough to fix the same or you require some expert plumber.

Some tools will be required so keep them handy before diagnosing the problem. The are adjustable wrench, screwdriver, pliers and toilet replacement parts whatever you have

How to fix a toilet that won’t flush

The following are the major steps to find out and fix a toilet that won’t flush

  1. Open the lid of the tank by loosening the side nuts
  2. See if the water is being filled in the tank. If not check the water supply and fix that. The inlet valve may be faulty, replace that.
  3. Operates the handle of the flush. If it moves freely then it is not attached with the liver that lifts the flush ball. See if you can attach the lever with the handle and you have fixed the toilet that won’t flush.
  4. Water supply s proper in the tank, but the tank doesn’t fill. This means that the water is leaking away in the flush and is not collecting in the tank. In this case we need to check the flush ball and the rubber lining below it. IF it is damaged or there are cuts in this. This needs replacement. See if you can fix this on your own or call the plumber with necessary spare parts.

This way you can fix the common problems in the a toilet that won’t flush

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