How to make icing for cake

Always wondered why the cake you get from the nearby cake shop tastes wonderful but yours lacks that ‘yummy-licious’ taste? The answer is simple they’ve got the perfect recipe, perfect flavours and to top all that perfect icing. Icing, often ignored, plays a pivotal role in giving the cake the flavour and perfect taste. You might have the correct recipe and flavour for your cake but if you don’t end up with a great icing to it all the efforts seem to go wasted. So, let’s see how we can achieve that perfect taste with a great icing without applying much efforts. The truth is that making icing is the simplest part in the preparation of a cake.

Ingredients for making icing 

  1. One egg white
  2. 250-300g of sifted powder which is also called the icing sugar. It is easily available in the market.

 Procedure for making icing for a cake

  • First put all the egg white in a bowl and start stirring it.
  • While stirring start adding the icing sugar to it. Remember to add sugar in small amounts slowly. If the mix appears too watery keep adding more icing sugar to it.
  • Keep stirring and beating the mix until it appears to be glowing and becomes firm, appearing like the cake icing. Check by taking out some mix on the spoon.
  • Now cover the bowl with a warm towel for some time.
  • After removing the cover the icing will appear to be just perfect and ready to be spread over the cake.
  • Spread the icing on the cake evenly with a spatula and your cake looks perfect.

You can also make patterns and designs on your cake by using a nozzle. In case you don’t have a nozzle, you can use a grease proof paper, like a butter paper to make the nozzle.

Some more useful tips

 In case you don’t want to use egg whites and want a splash of colour to it, use lemon or orange juice sans pulp.

  • To give your icing a flavour use cocoa powder, coffee or vanilla powder.
  • Always remember that to add more zing to your cake only use natural colouring and flavouring materials with no synthetic base.

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