How to prepare pizza dough at home

One of the most famous Italian dishes all around the world is the ‘pizza’. People of all ages enjoy having pizzas, especially children. They jump at the thought of having a pizza. Many parents lure their kids into scoring well by promising a pizza on the ‘report card day’. Most people have pizzas in restaurants and food joints but few know that it is easy to make a pizza at home too.

The key to a delicious pizza is its dough

With well prepared dough the pizza is bound to be delicious. It is not a difficult task to prepare pizza dough if all the ingredients are arranged for in advance and the recipe is followed in the right manner.

For preparing pizza dough the ingredients required are:

  1. 3/4th cup of warm water.(It doesn’t need to be hot but just warm)
  2. 1 packet of active dry yeast
  3. 2 cups of flour
  4. 1 tea spoonful of sugar
  5. 3/4th tea spoonful of salt
  6. 3 table spoonful of olive oil. (Using olive oil is good for health minus those extra calories that other refined oils add up)

Method of preparation of Pizza dough

  • To make a tasty pizza dough first add 3/4th cup of warm water into a bowl along with the yeast and stir it thoroughly.
  • Now leave the mix for about five minutes until the yeast dissolves completely.
  • In the meantime, add flour, sugar and salt in the food processor.
  • Now add the yeast mix into it and the olive oil too. Switch on the food processor.
  • Keep the mix processing until you see a sticky ball made out of it.
  • Take another flat, big plate and spread some flour on its surface evenly. Make sure you spread only a little flour and not much in quantity.
  • Take the sticky ball out of the processor and put it on the plate. Now knead the sticky yeast mix ball with the flour on the plate until it is smooth. The basic need to knead the ball with the flour is to make it smooth and non sticky. If it continues to be sticky add more flour to it.
  • Take another bowl and apply some olive oil evenly on its surface. Put the dough into the bowl and keep turning it so that the oil is applied to the dough all over. Now cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and leave it for about an hour till it blooms.
  • There are two things to be kept in mind. First, the dough should bloom and get double its original size. Second, the dough must be kept in a warm area.
  • After leaving it for an hour, remove the plastic wrap and press the dough down by kneading it. After the dough gets pressed down keep it in an air- tight container. Refrigerate it. Now take out the dough and unroll it and make it flat. The pizza dough is now ready.

If the above mentioned procedure is followed correctly the dough is bound to be perfect and so will be the pizza.

 Advantages of making Pizza at home: Save time money and be healthy

By preparing the pizza at home one can cut down the cost of eating out both in terms of money and health.

Money, because if you prepare the pizza at home the preparation cost comes down to quite low as compared to the cost paid by eating out.

Health, because you can add the desired toppings in the quantity you like and can keep a check on the calories you consume. So, the next time you get that ‘pizza craving’ why not prepare it yourself and be health-sure.

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