How to reset iphone 4 to factory settings

Apple iphone is one of the most successful 3G phone in the world. It is a highly sophisticated feature packed device and has a number of settings to operate the phone as per our liking.  Sometimes we change setting such that we are unable to do the required functions and forget what we have changed. We want to start afresh to start configuring the phone from beginning. For this propose we need to reset iphone 4 to factory settings. Remember that all the user defined settings will be lost if you reset the iphone to factory default.

All data added to phone like contacts, pictures, videos, music, documents will be lost so it is advised to backup all the data before resetting iphone to factory defaults as you may require this data at a later stage

How to reset iphone 4 to factory settings

You will need iTunes software to manage the iphone from computer. Be sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed in your computer

  1. Connect dock the iphone with the computer and start iTunes
  2. Once iTunes software recognizes the apple iphone, select the phone
  3. From the top menu in iTunes select summary tab
  4. Click on restore button. A pop will ask you to reconfirm this operation. Select yes in this also. This is there to stop accidental factory reset of iphone.
  5. After this the phone will follow many internal steps to reset the settings to factory defaults. Do not disconnect the phone from the PC during this operation
  6. A notification will come saying that “The iphone has been restored to factory settings and is restarting”. Click OK to go ahead
  7. After some time there will be a hard reset in the phone and after switching on again automatically it will give the message “Iphone is activated”
  8. You have successfully reset your iphone to factory settings
  9. Restore the backed up videos, contacts etc if you want them again from your backup

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