How to whistle with fingers in mouth

Watching a thrilling cricket match or your favourite celebrity dancing to your favourite tune on your television set, and feel like whistling out loud to support or praise them and vent out your excitement?

Yes you sure can do this provided you know how to whistle with fingers in mouth. If not, then this guide given below is going to help you learn it! With adequate amount of practice you can master this art.

Guide explaining how to whistle with fingers in mouth

Follow these steps given below to learn how to whistle with two fingers in mouth.

  • Hold your thumb and the index finger about 1/8 inches apart from each other. Imagine you are saying “Ok or perfect” to a person. Place the fingers in an almost similar way, but inside your mouth. Close your mouth. The gap between the fingers is to allow the air to pass from between your fingers.
  • Push your tongue a little towards the back behind the bottom row of your teeth. Place your fingertips in such a way that they rest against your lower teeth.
  • Purse your lips firmly against your two fingers in the mouth. Stretch your fingers and flatten your tongue.
  • Inhale deep and then blow air between your two fingers. Your tongue must guide the air towards the outside of the mouth. Try blowing air in the downwards direction so that it goes out of the mouth. Remember your objective is to make the whistle sound. So keep blowing air until you hear the whistle sound.
  • Always remember that the fingers must not touch the roof of your mouth.
  • If required you can adjust the position of your fingers or the distance between them according to your own comfort. The ultimate objective is to make the whistle sound. The harder you blow, louder will be the whistle.

Always, remember the famous saying ‘Practice makes  a man perfect’. So keep practising until you master the art of how to whistle with fingers in mouth.

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