Campus Life in IIT Kharagpur

The campus of IIT-KGP stretches over 2100 acres of land and is the hugest of all IIT campuses. The campus is famous for its historic architecture as it is the oldest of all. The campus is just 5 kilometres away from the railway station.

There are so many residents in the campus that it looks like a whole city in itself. There are a total of 18 hostels in the campus near the Scholar’s Avenue.

The campus starts with 3 halls called the Patel, Azad and Nehru halls which are among the total of 8 boys’ hostels for studying undergraduate courses. For girls enrolled in undergraduate course 2 hostels have been built. There are 2 more hostels for the postgraduate course-studying girls among other buildings for postgraduate boys’ hostels.

There are 2 gigantic sports complexes called the ‘Tata sports complex’ and the ‘Jnan Ghosh’ stadium. An amphitheatre too is present in the campus called the ‘Tagore Open Air Theatre’. Here all the cultural programs and festivals are organised. They also have centres at Kolkata and Bhubhaneshwar for different distance learning programs. The campus has a library with 6 halls which is one of the largest in the country. The campus also has a technical museum called the ‘Nehru Museum of Science and Technology’.

Civic Amenities at IIt Kharagpur

 Within the campus excellent civic amenities are available. They are:

  1. 1 civic hospital
  2. 4 schools
  3. 4 nationalised banks
  4. 6 guest houses
  5. 1 police station
  6. 1 railway ticket reservation counter
  7. Water pumping station
  8. 1 telephone Exchange
  9. 1 garbage disposal area
  10. Electrical substation
  11. 6 restaurants
  12. 1 market for buying goods of daily use.

Students of IIT-KGP have to choose one as a compulsory extra curricular activity from NCC, NSO and NSS. Students of this institute also actively organise various technical, management-related and recreational programs. The students’ festivals, just like other IITs, also are an important part of the culture here.

Special Provisions and Initiatives at IIT KGP

Separate boarding provision has been given to the students from defence forces. Science Technology Entrepreneurs’ Park (STEP) has been constructed in the campus for the alumni who desire to start business but lack infrastructure. This is a special initiative by IIT-KGP which makes it all the more special and coveted. This institution is also known for providing scholarships to all the M.Tech students. 35% of undergraduate students with not-so-strong financial background are provided financial assistance by the institution. The library of the institution has a separate hall for SC/ST students.

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