Increase height after 20

It is obvious that every one want a good height as tall men and women look smart. Many people are not aware of the fact that height can still be grown after 20.The best part is it can be done safely and naturally without any help of medications.

Here are some of the exercises which can be done to gain height after 20


Stretching exercise is considered as a very good and helpful exercise. This exercise will help the human growth of hormones in a good quantity. This exercise is said to be an essential exercise to grow taller because it will produce lactate which is an essential factor for the production of the hormones.

Spine exercise

Spine exercises are also very helpful exercises to grow taller like swimming and hanging. These exercises are easy too so if you give at least 30 minutes every day to these exercises, it will surely help you.

Knee exercise

Knee exercise is said to be more effective if we compare it with spine exercise. Don’t forget to do these two spines and knee exercises together as no one will be happy to get long legs with a small back. Those people whose growth plates have already been fused, this knee exercise is very effective and helpful for them.


Games which help in growing the height after 20 are volleyball and basket ball. You can give at least 1 hour everyday to these games. These games will surely help you out in increasing the height.


Yoga is also another effective exercise to gain height after 20.It also helps in releasing the tension and strain. It promotes flexibility as well and helps in making the muscles stronger and makes cartilage thicker. The different yoga positions which help in growing taller are matsasana, tarasana and sheershasana. Giving rest to your body is most important thing as it allows the body to promote the growth of the hormones. It has been said by experts that hormones are produced in a large quantity while sleeping. So, at least sleep for 6-8 hours.


Having a good diet is equally important .Just doing exercises will not work out. Also you should eat good food. Have those foods which are rich in fiber like oats, wheat and rice. Other foods which will benefit you in growing taller are green vegetables like spinach, green salad and broccoli, carrots. In the breakfast eat citrus fruits and in the dinner time cook steamed fish. You should avoid eating junk food and also those foods which are high in sweet and fat. Stop taking alcohol and coffee too.

 Other food

Eat those foods which are rich in calcium and in proteins. Vitamin D supplements are to be taken with milk. Try to drink 2-3 glasses of milk every day. Foods which are high in proteins are trimmed meats and skinless chicken. Soybean products can also be eaten in breakfast and in the lunch time. Along with good foods diet, stress need to be avoided. Confined environment should also be avoided.

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