Indane gas online booking Hyderabad

Indane gas made its name spread across Hyderabad for commercial and domestic provision of Liquid Petroleum Gas services. There are many customers in Hyderabad who don’t hesitate praising the services of Indane. Customers of Hyderabad can book their gas online, through SMS and through IVRS in a few simple steps.

Indane Gas online booking Hyderabad

The indane gas cylinder refill can be booked through the following step by step procedure.

  • Log on to
  • Click on the online booking link given on the page
  • Provide consumer id in the given column. The consumer id number is a unique number given by every Indane gas customer at the time of booking a new connection.
  • Mention your name, contact number, address and email id in the given sections.
  • Next is the payment step. You can make the payment through credit card or cash on delivery too.
  • After making the payment your procedure gets completed. Within a few days’ time you will then receive your Indane gas cylinder from the company.

Indane gas booking in Hyderabad through IVRS

Indane gas booking in Hyderabad can be done through Interactive Voice Response Service too. All you need to do is dial 9848824365 and follow the steps that the automated voice tells you to do.

  • Select the language option first.
  • Now enter the phone number of the distributor near your area. You can find that out from
  • You must enter your consumer id number now.
  • Then select from the provided options, the option for booking your refill cylinder.
  • After you complete these steps the IVR will provide you with your Indane gas cylinder booking reference number. If you use this system for the first time it will ask you to register your phone number from which you are calling.

After the initial registration, for future booking registered users can dial the number 9848824365 from their registered phone number and select an option through interactive mode from the following given options

  1. Refill booking
  2. Registering complaint
  3. Status of the previous booking

When you select the option (a) you will be given your reference number both verbally and through SMS on your registered number.

Indane gas booking in Hyderabad through SMS

To use this facility you need to register your mobile number through IVRS. After the registration, type IOC on your mobile and send it to 9848824365. You will then get an SMS stating your Indane gas booking details.

1 comment to Indane gas online booking Hyderabad

  • N V Subba Rao

    Indane gas refill booking through phone is very easy to access and very much useful. Reaching landline of the distributor is very difficult and this facility is very much useful. Just we need to record the mobile number in our contact list, it will tell our consumer number also and then we will get sms reply giving details of booking.

    Thanks to Indane gas Company “Good Innovation”

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