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Mahanagar Gas Bill Payment

Mahanagar Gas offers various options for the payment of the gas bill to its customers. Each customer has been allotted a contract account number and a business partner. There are many options for the payment of bill whose details are given below.

E-billing for Mahanagar Gas bill payment

E-billing is the online bill Mahanagar Gas bill payment facility available for its customers to use. The customer just need to visit the website and register an account and make the bill payment easily. All the procedure is simple even for the first timer and is self-explanatory.

Mahanagar Gas bill payment through cheque drop boxes

This is another option given by Mahanagar Gas to its customers. The customers can drop cheques of ICICI Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Axis Bank, Dhalanalaxmi Bank and Oriental Bank of Commerce. Customers can also take help of SKY Box and MINC Box too. The details of the locations of the drop boxes is given online at

Mahanagar Gas bill payment through cash payment counters

Another facility given to the customers is that of cash payment counters wherein customers can directly deposit cash bill payment of Mahanagar Gas. You can visit Punjab National Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce or Indian Bank for Mahanagar Gas bill payment. All the information regarding payment through this option is given at

Mahanagar Gas bill payment through ECS method

This method of bill payment is quite simple too. All you need to do is follow these simple steps given below.

  • The customer will have to fill up a form to use ECS method of bill payment. The copy of this form has to be submitted by the customer to his/her bank.
  • To use this system the customer needs to have a new bank account.
  • The customer could get 1 percent discount if the bill payment is made via ECS system.
  • To some limit the customer needs to debit your bank account and with this the customer’s bill amount will automatically get deducted every month before the due date.
  • If the balance is less as compared to the bill then the customer will get the message through the bill about the insufficient amount that the customer will then be required to pay with the next bill.

The biggest advantage of this system is that the customer can save the late payment fees as amount gets debited before due date itself. Also the customer saves on the traveling cost, timing and energy.

Mahanagar Gas bill payment through VDS method

For payment of Mahanagar Gas bill another method called the VDS method is available as an option for all the customers. Detailed information is given below.

  • The customer is required to fill the voluntary deposit scheme form to use this bill payment service.
  • When the customer submits the form he/she is required to account payee cheque of desired amount.
  • According to the customer’s deposit bill, amount will get adjusted before every due date.
  • If required the customer can also withdraw the money by giving prior notice.
  • The customer receives bill at his/her registered address also stating remaining balance in their account.
  • Further deposits can also be made at billing office mentioned in the customer’s bill to avoid inconvenience in procedure of bill payment.
  • The customer can also call at consumer service helpline number 1917/26594500 to know more about voluntary deposit scheme (VDS).

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