Maruti Alto CNG mileage

Maruti Alto is one of the bestselling low budget cars by Maruti Suzuki. It has got a very high sales as well as customer satisfaction figures.

Alto is considered to be a small budgeted happy small family’s favourite car. Its low maintenance and great mileage makes it a hot favourite in its section. It is available in a wide colour range. It has got a petrol engine and CNG engine options. People these days are keener on choosing the CNG engine as it is more cost efficient and affordable. With soaring rates of petrol CNG eventually becomes a safe bet. The best part with the CNG Maruti Suzuki Alto is that it gives much better mileage as compared to its petrol version. So let’s read some reviews on the mileage of Maruti Alto CNG.

Reviews of Maruti Alto CNG mileage

Gaadi [dot] com says that the Maruti Alto is the modern India’s largest selling car. It seems to be breaking records every month. The Alto has been Maruti’s biggest grosser for years now and the company does know how to play this game well. To start with, today, the Alto is available in three different variants – the original good old one with an 800cc engine, a company fitted CNG version and the new, modern and improved version called the Alto K10. While the original 800cc Alto caters very well to the semi urban and rural areas, it is the new K10 model that is having a dream run in urban and metro cities. The only drawback we see with the Alto is its limited interior space. As far as its mileage goes it reaches 18.3 kilometres per litre.

Autos [dot] maxabout [dot] com states the Maruti Alto CNG retrofit has a top speed of 138 kilometres per hour. It has got a 3 cylinder, MPFi, CNG 796 cc engine that produces 47 Bhp at 6000 rpm and maximum torque of 62 Nm at 3000 rpm. It has got McPherson Strut suspension and its turning radius is 4.60 metres. It has got a seating capacity of 5 persons and the fuel tank is 36 litres capacitated. The mileage of Maruti Alto is 15 kilometres per litre.

Price-india [dot] org opines that Maruti Suzuki is not lying low and it has a new ace up its sleeve every time its status quo is questioned in the Indian market. This time it has come up with Maruti Suzuki Alto CNG. It intends to create a new segment for CNG cars as no other manufacturer has such a broad range of CNG models in the country. Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 CNG has got a mileage of 20.2 kilometres per litre according to Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).

Maruti Suzuki Alto CNG: The final verdict

Loaded with contemporary iGPI technology and a body design compatible with the CNG system, Maruti Alto makes for a great and enviable car in the small budget cars segment. It has reintroduced many safety options in the CNG variant which are integrated wiring harness, CNG leak- proofing system, toughened suspension and high quality components. It has got a dual ECU system for enhanced performance to give lower running costs up to 60 per cent! It has got a great mileage that ranges between 18 to 20 kilometres per litre. With such advanced dynamics and a low price what could one ask for. Buying Maruti Suzuki Alto CNG is a smart buying decision for sure!

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