Maruti Suzuki Swift mileage

Maruti Suzuki Swift is the most popular car by the company. Its sells figures are created new records. This car is tagged as one of the highest selling hatchbacks in the recent times. The design of Swift was the first of its kind. When it was first launched it created big gung-ho about its design.

Maruti Suzuki took the nation by a complete surprise with the new futuristic design and structure. Till date many automobile companies are aping the ‘Swift’ design. Maruti Suzuki Swift is available in many bright shades which are brick red, bright red, rust, green, black, silver, white, misty blue, dark blue and grey. This car falls in the medium-budget hatchback section. The biggest quality of this car is its mileage. So let’s have a look at the reviews of the Maruti Suzuki Swift mileage.

Reviews of Maruti Suzuki Swift mileage

Bsmotoring [dot] com says that for a 1300cc engine, the motor packs quite a punch-75 bhp at 4000 rpm and lots of torque-19kgm at 2000 rpm. Maruti Suzuki calls it the DDiS (Diesel Direct injection System). They say that the Maruti Suzuki Swift manages an excellent mileage of 24 kilometres per litre in very good road and weather conditions with good driving style.

Business [dot] rediff [dot] com  opines that Maruti Swift comes with the 75ps and the 1.3litre DdiS diesel engine. It is available with five speed manual transmission gearbox. The diesel engine got huge popularity in the Indian auto market because of its excellent fuel efficiency. Maruti swift offers mileage around 15 to 19 kilometres per litre. The overall performance of Maruti Suzuki swift has impressed the customers especially its eager and responsive engine.

Auto [dot] Indiamart [dot] com states that the A/c works fine. Maruti Suzuki Swift has a stable ride at high speeds. The acceleration is good but it does drop a little bit with A/c switch ON. Maruti Suzuki Swift gives mileage of 16+ in city and 19+ on highways (with all points taken care which include Acceleration, Air pressure etc.). Quality of plastic used in car is good. The interior looks great and the seating comfort is good.

Maruti Suzuki Swift mileage: The final verdict

One of the most successful hatchbacks in the automobile market of India, the Maruti Suzuki Swift is truly a heart winner. This car hardly gives the users any reason to complain about. With a comfortable driving and travelling experience the cabin and the boot space is good enough too. As far as its mileage is concerned by no surprise it emerges out to be very efficient. As per our verdict Maruti Suzuki Swift diesel gives a mileage of anywhere between 17 and 21 kilometres per litre.

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  • alexander

    With its lustrous and spacious interior cabin design, and very compelling fuel mileage ratings (particularly in case of the diesel variant (VDi)) the Swift hatchback is no doubt one of the most successful models for the well-known Maruti Suzuki Motors in the Indian soil.

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