Maruti Swift VDI mileage

Maruti Suzuki’s one of the best selling cars of all time the Swift is still the favourite choice for any buyer wanting to buy a hatchback. Having ample cabin space and legroom, Maruti Swift can accommodate five people easily in it.

It’s cool and chic design suits all preferences and happens to become an eye candy on roads. After launching its petrol version swift thereafter came with its diesel engines. Just as petrol did, diesel too became an instant hit. There are three variants in the diesel engine of Maruti Swift just as the petrol engine. They are Ldi, Vdi and Zxi. Maruti Swift Vdi is the mid variant loaded with all impressive features. The biggest USP of Maruti Swift VDI is its mileage. So let’s have a look at the reviews of the mileage of Maruti Swift VDI.

Reviews of mileage of Maruti Swift VDI

Autos [dot] maxabout [dot] com says the new Maruti Swift VDI hails from the B+ segment. Its top speed is 155 kilometres per litre and it is very feature-rich. It is powered by a 1248 cc DDiS diesel engine that produces maximum power of 74 Bhp at 4000 rpm and maximum torque of 190 Nm at 2000 rpm. Done up with McPherson strut suspension it has got a 42 litres fuel tank capacity. The Maruti Swift VDI gives a mileage of 23 kilometres per litre on the highways and 18 kilometres per litre in the city.

Gaadi [dot] com states that when Maruti Swift VDI was launched in the Indian market little did they and the industry know that this very vehicle would go on to create history and re-write the rules of the Indian hatchback industry. The new Maruti Swift Vdi is longer, wider and higher than the previous version with an extended wheelbase too. It is built on an entirely new platform and changes have been made to the way it looks. Its mileage is estimated to be around 17.8 kilometres per litre in the city.

Auto [dot] indiamart [dot] com opines that the Maruti Swift VDI has a stable ride even at high speeds. The acceleration is good but it does drop a little bit when the a/c is working. The quality of plastics used in the car is good and the interior too looks great. Seating comfort and the after sales service by Maruti Suzuki is impressive too. When it comes to the mileage it is good too. The Maruti Swift VDI gives a mileage of 16+ in the city and 19+ on highways.

Maruti Swift VDI mileage: The final verdict

The Maruti Swift VDI has always been in the news for the right reasons. Apart from the excellent drive, apt pricing, low maintenance costs and good interiors this car is widely well known for its fuel efficiency. The mileage plays a very important role for making the car the best-seller time and again over the years. The mileage of Maruti Swift VDI is so satisfactory that users never think of buying any other car in this budget range when it comes to hatchbacks. The Maruti Swift VDI gives a mileage of about 17 to 21 kilometres per litre.

4 comments to Maruti Swift VDI mileage

  • Sheelkumar

    I m getting 24.7 km/litre for my swift vdi diesel

  • pradeep

    After driving maruti around 1000.00 KM its Brake started giving noise when applying. I took it work shop on 19-01-2013 with mileage at 1095.00 KM.
    They have fixed the problem by Calipar Pin Greasing and problem is fixed. But after fews days later it Brake again started givng noise when applying so
    i again went to Work Shop on 09-02-2013 with mileage 1738.00 and they fixed the problem and when i asked about the problem the person told
    me that some time dust came into Brakes and we cleaned that.

    On 18-05-2013 did second service. But after few days later it again started giving noise when applying Brake so went to work shop on 13-06-2013 with mileage 3782.00
    and they changed the Sliding Pin Set and charged Rs. 780/-. When i asked about them why are you charging money they said that it is not in warranty.
    Welcome to the Maruti Lowest Maintenace running Cost. I still need to check wether problem will occure again in few days or not.

    Very disappointed that Maruti is using so cheap parts in their most popular car Swift which needs to changed with in 4000 KM driving and most
    important thing is that spare part is used in Brakes the critical part of any vehicle. Maruti is using very cheap spare parts in their Car and looting customer by giving their car.
    Right now it is giving mileage between 15 to 16 in mixed High Way and Delhi-NCR traffic.

  • Ashish Sharma

    I purchased a Swift VDI 3 days back & am shocked as ,I’m getting an avg of 7-8 km/l only.

    • living advisor

      Don’t come to conclusions in three days Drive it for at least a month and then conclude and highlight this issue in the first service

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