Maruti SX4 diesel mileage

Maruti Suzuki SX4 is probably the most successful sedan by the company. Although Maruti specialises in the hatchbacks sections and till date many companies are trying to compete with it, still Maruti has given a tough competition to the medium budget sedans through SX4.

With great specifications, features and performance the price becomes the cherry on the cake. No other company offers such facilities and a beautiful design at such a competent price. One of the major aspects that draw the buyers’ attention towards Maruti SX4 is its low maintenance and its superior mileage. After the success of Maruti SX4 petrol the company has recently entered the market with its all-new Maruti SX4 diesel. This car with the new and refined diesel engine option has made the consumers and prospective buyers smile harder. The Maruti SX4 diesel claims to give an even better mileage than the petrol variant. So let’s have a look at the Maruti SX4 diesel mileage reviews.

Maruti SX4 diesel mileage reviews

Indiandrives [dot] com says that if there is one thing that anyone couldn’t have done it better than Maruti, then it is the engine tuning. The car is utter silent at the start and even on the go. Even when you rev it in neutral, you would be hard pressed to hear the sound. The Maruti SX4 diesel is a first of its kind car in the country with it complying with OBD 2 norms. This means that the car has got sensors placed in its heart which check the car for its pollution rate. Now comes the main part which most have us been dying to know is the mileage. The Maruti SX4 diesel mileage is claimed to be 21.3 kilometres per litre on the highways. You can expect the car to return mileage of 14 kilometres per litre in the city and 19-20 kilometres per litre on the highway.

Cardekho [dot] com states that the manual transmission, 1.3 litre, 1248 cc, 4 cylinder DDiS engine of the Maruti SX4 diesel develops 90 PS power at 4000 rpm and 200 Nm at 1750 rpm. The fuel tank of the car has a capacity of 50 litres. Features such as air conditioner, CD player, anti-lock braking system, power steering and windows, leather seats and central locking make the car all the more coveted. When it comes to its mileage, Maruti SX4 diesel gives 17.5 kilometres per litre in the city and 21.5 kilometres per litre on the highway.

Carblogindia [dot] com opines that the Maruti SX4 diesel is a cleaner and more fuel efficient car than all comparable cars in its class. The high torque at lower rpm levels makes Maruti SX4 diesel highly suited for city driving conditions as well. The super turbo engine with a linear acceleration curve provides a consistent and smooth drive. This engine is high on power and performance while being low on emission. The suspension and brakes of the Maruti SX4 diesel engine have been suitable modified to account for heavier engine and the changed weight distribution of the car. It is believed that the Maruti SX4 diesel gives a mileage of 21.5 kilometres per litre.

Maruti SX4 diesel mileage: The final verdict

Maruti SX4 diesel is the latest newbie on the bloc and already has stolen the attention of many prospective buyers in the Indian market. The car has already got many takers and buyers to drool over it. With its competent performance, beautiful looks and stunning features, the car leaves no stone unturned to gather more customers. The mileage, which is its biggest USP, can be stated to be between 17 and 20 kilometres per litre.


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