MBA Students’ life at IIT Delhi

The life at IIT Delhi for MBA students is a mix of studies, fun activities, project works, festivals, exhibitions, competitions, summer internships and a lot more.

There are 2 girls’ and 8 boys’ hostels in the campus. The Students’ Activity Centre (SAC) is huge place where students organise fun and leisure activities. It comprises of:

  • A swimming pool
  • A 2000 people accommodation capacity amphitheatre
  • Music rooms
  • Hobbies workshop place
  • A 16 exercise machine gymnasium area
  • A club building and much more.

Apart from this students interested in dramatics and sports are also provided with

  • Dramatics Club
  • Sports Club.

A few societies and committees too are present for MBA Students

  • Photography Society
  • Publicity Cell
  • Hobbies Society
  • Fine Arts Society.

Students pursuing hobbies of public speaking and oration have been provided with:

  • Hindi Samiti
  • Quizzing Club
  • English Debating and Literacy Club
  • Film Series Committee
  • Lecture Series Committee.

Various cultural fests are also organised within the campus of IIT, Delhi and MBA students actively participate in them. Each festival, popularly called the ‘fest’, is based on a theme and often students dress accordingly for the function. Many musical bands and performers come to perform apart from the students themselves, who do no hesitate in showcasing their talents in the fests.

Other special committees formed exclusively for MBA students at IIT Delhi

  1. Placement Committee called the ‘Placecom’.
  2. Technical Committee called the ‘Techcom’.
  3. Industrial Interaction Committee called the ‘IIC’
  4. Editorial Board called the ‘CHAOS’.
  5. Cultural Affairs Committee.
  6. Media Committee called the ‘Media Cell’.
  7. Sports Committee called ‘KHEL’.
  8. Alumni Committee called ‘Alumnicom’.

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